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Yahoo 360's GnomeWatch

During "The Amazing Race" last night, there was a commercial from Travelocity about the disappearance of its gnome mascot. The site ended with a plug for GnomeWatch.com, which I had to visit. At first, the site didn’t look like much, and then I realized it was a profile page on Yahoo 360, the social network that hasn’t seemed to make any waves just yet.

I think Yahoo’s a bigger beneficiary than Travelocity, as Travelocity could have had a more souped up, slickly designed page if it went some other route, and I haven’t heard a thing about Y360 in some time. At least it’s a sign that Yahoo is trying to better monetize its numerous assets.

One strange discovery: a search for "gnomewatch" on Yahoo doesn’t bring up the site anywhere in the first page of its paid or natural results. The same applies for "gnome watch." Meanwhile, the Y360 page comes up in Google for "gnomewatch" (nowhere in the first couple pages for "gnome watch").

Even if the campaign is a good sign for Yahoo, it still needs to help its clients use all of its assets together.

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