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A Hint of a New Title for OMMA Marketing Tech

Those who have a keen eye for spotting title changes may notice something a little different in my bio line, so let’s all get that out in the open. Yes, I am ditching the use of “former agency CMO” so I can focus on what’s ahead, not in the past. Serial Marketer is the name I’m using for my proprietorship, and I’ll have a lot more to say about how that came about shortly. Consider OMMA Marketing Tech as a soft launch May 18.
Let me know if you’ll be there, or if you’ll be around for other Internet Week events then in New York. I’ll also be attending M1 Summit and speaking at Flashtalking’s Art and Science Sessions.
As for OMMA Marketing Tech, I was scouting Internet Week events to attend and saw what OMMA was doing (part of a few MediaPost is holding that week). Then I saw the panel on vetting vendors – something I’ve done a bit of over the years. And then I saw the inimitable Jessica Joines was moderating it, so I had to put my hat in the ring, and they were kind enough to say yes. Hope to see you there. Details of the panel are here:

Panel: Vetting The Vendors: It’s A Process

The cold calls are relentless. The acronyms are filling the next generation Lumascape. How do marketers put a process in place that keeps the dog wagging the tail rather than vice versa? How do you evaluate partners, ask them the right questions, build a stack of blocks that can be moved (or removed) as strategy, not technology, requires? And how can all of this be done internally without clogging appointment books with pitch meetings and stifling the very productivity all of this aims to accelerate? We end OMMA Marketing Technology with some guidance on first next steps.

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