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Are You Down with ODS?

ODS = Online Data Storage.

The prolific Jeremiah Owyang offers a whopping 40 points as to why this matters. The guy’s insane. And it’s hard to argue with him.

It might even make good fodder for my next column – namely, taking his riff on ODS (maybe even crediting him), and then spinning this for search marketers and web publishers (who, if they’re doing any form of search engine optimization, are ipso facto search marketers).

Read Jeremiah’s masterwork

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Comments to: Are You Down with ODS?
  • September 15, 2006

    Insane in the Web-brain!
    Insane, got no brain!
    Heh, thanks David. I think the biggest change in the future is that all this data will be out there on the “cloud” how will marketers learn from it, access it, contextualize from it?
    Did you hear what Michael Arrington said in his keynote speach yesterday at the “Future of Web Applications?”
    He categorized that “Cloud Storage” in the “High Potential” category


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