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Are You Down with ODS? – The Column

This week’s column is being posted here so late, there’s already a response to it in another column. Mine was a response to a post by Jeremiah Owyang, so there’s a whole lotta conversing going on.

I wonder how Jeremiah’s 40 observations about online data storage will impact marketers in the column:

The hypothetical model is essentially a “Bizarro World” version of an
affiliate network. In the traditional affiliate model, a merchant site
(e.g., Amazon) serves as the producer, which teams up with a publisher
(often a low-traffic site run by a publisher-consumer), and the
publisher earns a small commission on anything it helps consumers
purchase. In the Bizarro affiliate model, a producer (or, a
producer-consumer) provides content through a publisher (e.g., Google)
and earns a small commission on ad revenue the producer helps the
publisher earn.

Jeremiah commented both on my blog, the MediaPost blog, and his own blog (he does a lot of commenting). Gord Hotchkiss, meanwhile, commented in a column of his own: What Happens When The Whole World Becomes Searchable? He writes:

As the barriers disappear between our hard drive and the Net (the
subject of David’s column) all this content theoretically can enter the
public domain and be searchable. Increasingly, the question we ask
ourselves is “where do I draw the line between my private and my online
world?” File sharing becomes a substantially bigger deal.

Now your turn. Comment away.


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