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I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Advisory Board of eMarketing + Commerce, the new publication from the Target Marketing group of publications from North American Publishng Company (NAPCO). They have a new e-newsletter online, and you can subscribe directly here.

While the board hasn’t met face to face yet, I read through the inaugural issue and enjoyed a number of the features, but the print editions didn’t make for easy forwarding. With the e-newsletter, some of the stories are available online, including my own, Bringing Your Brand to Life(casting):

Lifecasting today differs from the updates people would post online
during the past decade, such as through personal Web pages (a la Yahoo!
GeoCities), blogs, podcasts and recorded video. With lifecasting,
barriers that existed previously – from technological hurdles to the
time required to produce content – have all but vanished, allowing for
effortless participation and immediate content distribution.
Lifecasting’s emergence can best be exemplified by developments in
three channels: social networking, mass messaging and live video

Read the whole thing at eM+C. If you have any feedback on the online or print editions, let me know and I’ll be sure to share it with their editorial team.

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