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Carnival: Sanders Says

For today’s Carnival of Marketing, it’s a pleasure to announce a brand new blog, not just a blog post. Tim Sanders, who held the post of Yahoo!’s Chief Solutions Officer and authored Love Is the Killer App (one of my favorite business books, and one of the least ‘business-like’), is now joining the blogosphere. This ‘lovecat’ emanates good vibes and positive energy, and he’s a welcome antidote to cynicism (snarkaholics, beware: you’ll have to turn elsewhere for your fix).
For the featured post, we’ll turn to Tim’s take on a subject all marketers need to master: networking. Sanders says:

Most of us think of ourselves as great networkers. We collect business
cards, carry a black berry and know how to use LinkedIn. But if our
network is truly of value to us, why don’t we cultivate it? Why don’t
we spend time and energy focused on growing the nodes (people) in our
network, instead of trolling to them for our latest and greatest idea
that has a need.

Keep reading at Tim’s blog.

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