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Search Insider: Tag, You're It

It’s tough staying up to speed on this tagging stuff, but I’m gradually starting to appreciate how important it is, and I ruminated on this in today’s column:

Tags are the most important part, for our purposes. Search marketers, at least
those doing search engine optimization, were some of the first to grasp the
importance of tags. Metatags, title tags, and their ilk were the core focus of
Search 1.0. Now, with Web 2.0, tags are back, with a twist: instead of marketers
and Web developers choosing them, the control has shifted to the consumers.

Read it all at MediaPost.

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    August 29, 2006

    I read your brilliant article via my email newsletter from MediaPost.
    Why does this link have a login? That’s a biiig disappointment for me and other readers.
    Please convince MediaPost not to put up barriers for content, esp those content for CGM, as I won’t link to it as a courtesy to my readers on my own blog.
    Feel free to pass my message long to the decision makers –I’m confident by removing the login and be ‘giving control’ to readers will be more beneficial in the long run.
    A fan of you and MediaPost,
    Jeremiah Owyang


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