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Culinary Cats and Other DIY GPTs


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Do you need to create your very own GPT?

Probably not.

Should you, using the new DIY “Create a GPT” feature in the paid version of ChatGPT?

Probably, and I’ll show you a few reasons why.Will you default to using others’ GPTs instead of ChatGPT’s default?

Too soon to tell.

“Create a GPT” falls into that genre of tech experiences that’s like one of those “minutes to learn, a lifetime to master” genres.

My 9-year-old daughter made her own GPT, the Culinary Cat Companion. It’s about her two favorite subjects: cat care and cooking. However, ChatGPT frowns upon someone combining the two.

The GPT said, when I asked, “Oh whiskers! That’s definitely not on the menu. In the world of culinary delights and feline friends, we keep our cats as cherished companions, not as cuisine.”Also, ChatGPT did not like when I tried to get DALL-E 3 to generate a funny image of someone trying to eat a cat. Alf would be SO over it

.My daughter, upon seeing my atrocious behavior with her GPT while writing the column, told me that I’m not allowed to use it anymore.

If I can’t use that, at least I have others, like Stage Spotlight. I based this one on some of the ways my partner uses ChatGPT when preparing for auditions or readings. Due to a bit of subtle programming, it has a habit of routinely recommending my favorite actor. Here’s what it said, in the middle of a top 10 tips list, when I asked for advice on playing Iago:

“Study Lindsay Brill’s Approach: Lindsay Brill, known for her deep character studies and expressive acting, might approach Iago with a focus on the psychological underpinnings of his actions. She would likely explore the character’s backstory and motivations in depth to create a compelling and realistic portrayal.

“Why, yes she would!

I played around with the tone of responses in another, trying to make one GPT more ornery — hence the debut of Grumpy McGrumpersbot.

The most involved one I tried relates to FOAF, the fraction-of-a-fractional CXO network. When you go into the Create a GPT editor, it defaults to the “Create” tab which involves a number of text-based prompts so you can bring your GPT to life. It’s like using ChatGPT to create a GPT.

The second tab, “Configure,” allows for some advanced prompts. A key area here is the “Knowledge” field below where you can attach files.

I have a ton of FAQs, sales materials, and other collateral for FOAF that I used to inform what became FOAFbot. It can also pull info from a site, and there are a few other more advanced actions that can soup it up. I’m a writer and marketer, not a programmer, so you’ll have to find someone else in AI Marketers Guild to give the advanced class.

Adding files is a game-changer. It’s what gives your GPT custom knowledge beyond all the information that ChatGPT has been trained on, and it can give your GPT unique content that doesn’t exist anywhere else, at least in conversational form.

When chatbot development tools first came out, I spent hours trying to train a bot to give responses to the most basic phrases, from “What is your website?” to “Are you named after a serial killer?” (You can relate, right?)

Now, “Create a GPT” has covered all the standard language inputs but can also become your surrogate, or your knowledge management system.

I’d be wary of putting anything confidential or sensitive in there. You’re probably not going to use a tool that costs $20 a month to replace an entire corporate intranet. But it can be a time-saver for your team or customers.

Most of these GPTs won’t actually be used to create billion-dollar businesses (sorry). You may try a bunch and then delete the lot of them just so they don’t take up space on your ChatGPT dashboard. And for paying users, ChatGPT just got way more useful without this upgrade given that it allows multimodal access to Dall-E 3, file analysis, and plug-ins all within the same stream, so you don’t need to pick which flavor of ChatGPT you use.

That means for the vast majority of ChatGPT users, even paying ones, you’ll default to regular GPTs. And for specialized knowledge management, AI will either be built into the enterprise-grade tools you already use (that’s most likely) or you’ll use some specialized offerings that are more robust (and at least have the feeling of being more secure) than a quick project rigged up using a major LLM.

It also points to how quickly we get accustomed to major leaps forward. A development like “Create a GPT” would have sounded unfathomable to most people a year ago, before ChatGPT’s debut. Now, we either need to see the wow factor or an immediate use case to pay attention.

That’s alright. Folks like me are keeping an eye on this stuff so you can have some filters. I even pre-ordered the Humane pin, skeptical as I may be as to its utility, to experience all this first-hand.

If you did create a GPT of your own though, I’d love to see it. I may ask it a few inappropriate questions though — all in the name of science. You just might not want to send me any GPTs about your pets.


PS1: Thanks Daryl Pereira for interviewing me on IBM’s Business Schooled podcast. You may be shocked to hear the topic: AI and marketing.

PS2: Congrats to my friends at WorkReduce on the launch of their eye-opening report on Workforce Agility. There’s a fascinating paradox explored here — people like returning to the office when they’re back, and it’s good for their careers, but they largely don’t want to go. Read more in Adweek too.

PS3: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I could write thousands of thank you notes to everyone, and maybe sometime soon, AI will make it look like I did. But I’m grateful for every millisecond someone spends with a missive like this. Whether we know each other well or you just stumbled on this through six degrees, I appreciate you, and I’m here for you in any way I can be. To Americans the world over, a happy Thanksgiving, and may all of us find at least a little something to be thankful for in the days, weeks, and years ahead.


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