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  Brought to you by: Five Tier—————————————————- Since publicly announcing FOAF, the fraction-of-a-fractional CXO network, in the Vatican Review this March, I’ve been building something entirely new, and it has required a steady series of leaps outside of my comfort zone — while periodically returning to some comfort zones I wasn’t anticipating. For the founders, entrepreneurs, and others among […]
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  As I write this, it’s the second (lunar) day of Passover. You don’t need to practice the faith to know the gist, even if your primary source pits Charlton Heston against Yul Brynner (or, for you millennials, Val Kilmer against Ralph Fiennes). It’s also hard to top such an Independence Day story with something […]
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  I’ve got some big FOAFing news to share: a concept I’ve been developing over the past few months is now live. Introducing FOAF: Fraction-of-a-Fractional CXO support. Most of what you need to know is at FOAF.pro, but there’s a backstory. And ChatGPT doesn’t know it, so I have to write the whole FOAFing thing myself. Years […]
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