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del.icio.us 2.0

I’m a little late in posting this, but as one of del.icio.us’s 2 million+ users, I have to do my part in spreading their PR gospel about their new Firefox add-on. The biggest enhancement is that it’s easier to sort through all your tags and bookmarks without going to the del.icio.us site. My del.icio.us page is here; if you’re on it, let’s connect.

A year from now, I’d be surprised if Twitter‘s still in wide use, but del.icio.us keeps getting more valuable the more you use it. Also be sure to check out cloudalicio.us for tag histories; it’s great consumer research to see how people label tag sites over time.

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  • April 11, 2007

    Ya, the firefox add on is great. I just don’t use the bookmarks in my browser anymore now.
    Btw, have you noticed the new Facebook status update page? That’s really similar to Twitter …


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