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Hitwise on Cory Lidle

The Cory Lidle column attracted more responses than I would have guessed – not so much in the quantity, but in the quality of them, both good and bad.

The most thoughtful by far came from Hitwise‘s Keith Pepper, and he gave me permission to reprint it in full, including the chart. I may even run a second column on this, so if you have any other thoughts, I’d love to hear them. In examining this further, I’d be curious to see how the top natural search results in the major engines compare to the top sites listed by Hitwise (click the image below to view the charts).

And now, on to Keith…

Interesting column, David.  In my experience working in
radio, stations typically have orders to pull all airline commercials after a
crash (commercial crash, at least).  Not sure if there’s a lesson there or not,
but just an FYI.  The request typically came from ad agencies and the airlines


Of course, you can use Hitwise to see where that traffic is
going – when people search on Cory Lidle, what sites or categories got the most

What’s fascinating, of course, is that there were basically
no searches on his name until the last week. 

Keith Pepper

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