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  I was going to name this edition “The Worst Best Take on Ad Fraud Ever” because it might live up to the title, but then I got a better one. I also considered “A Modest Proposal for Ad Fraud.” That will make sense shortly. As someone who almost never drinks alcohol on flights (correlation: […]
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  Who expected that when NFT.NYC was scheduled the same week as the Cannes Lions this June, it’s the ad execs who will be having way more fun? Not that it won’t be a good crowd for NFT Week. But it’s easier to get excited about crypto when all your NFTs keep doubling in value. Over in […]
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  Acting. Parenting. Tweeting. We’re going to talk about all three today because they relate. I was talking to my actor friend, Lindsay, who’s made an appearance in these columns before. I was telling her how excited my eight-year-old daughter was when she found a yoga blanket gathering dust in my entertainment console drawer and asked […]
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  2009 called. It wants its SXSW back. Thank goodness. First, a quiz… How many of these criteria apply to you? Pre-MySpace, you were on Friendster, maybe SixDegrees. Perhaps you were even on a BBS (or at least know what it stands for). You started blogging around 2003-2006. By 2006-2007, you were tinkering with Facebook […]
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  “Facebook is dying.” That was the subject line of Protocol’s recent Source Code newsletter that led with the headline, “It’s the beginning of the end of Facebook.” My father died last year, and if he looked as good as Facebook does right now, I don’t think any doctors would have been calling my family telling us […]
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  It’s another disheartening week in the media. Spotify defends its $100 million investment in Joe Rogan, but libraries and schools across the country are being told or asked to ban books. They’re completely unrelated issues, except for how they’re not. If Spotify were to terminate its contract with Rogan, that would reek of cancel […]
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  I was talking to a clown the other day, and there’s one thing you need to do when talking to a clown: Take good notes. Within five seconds of her talking about the art of clown — and it is an art form — my gears were turning. The clown, Lindsay, asked me, “You […]
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  One of the things that I think humans get wrong the most is trying to make time consistent for everyone everywhere. An hour for me may be the same hour for a Maasai community member or a Saudi princess, but we all experience time differently and personally. My last hour won’t feel quite the […]
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