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In the Great Company of 149 Marketing Bloggers

Greg_verdinoIt turns out I’m on The Power 150 of marketing blogs. To be tied with CK’s blog for anything is incredibly fulfilling, let alone a step behind others like Greg Verdino and a few smidgens behind Forrester. (I’m using smidgens liberally here, as they’re far enough above mine). [Update – I added some missing links here, and a gratuitous picture of Greg Verdino.)
It is truly a pleasure just to be nominated.
Thanks to Robert Petrausch, the most urban daddy I know, who remembers when this kid from Mamaroneck couldn’t even get out of Google’s sandbox.
It’s funny though, I read some of these lists and wonder why I’m not on them. It turns out I just needed to find someone willing to a) pick a specific enough category, and b) expand the list past 100.
Whatever it takes, right?
Separately, awhile back, Matt Dickman nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. I never followed up on the meme and listed five blogs that make me think. I’m not sure if they’ve already been nominated, but here are five:

  • NewTeeVee: a great blog exploring the TV and online video ecosystem
  • ProBlogger.net: while I don’t care about making money with this blog (by any direct metric, I’ve lost a few hundred on this blogging endeavor), Darren Rowse and co. have some great best practices on blogging here
  • Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization, and Social Media: pretty pictures
  • ThreeMinds @ Organic: often whatever they write about is stuff I hear first on their blog, and then play around with for an hour or two
  • Influential Interactive Marketing: Rohit Bhargava, like Matt Dickman and many others, writes the blog that I wish I was smart and committed enough to write

Now I’m done thinking about most everything except finishing up work today and reading the rest of Harry Potter this weekend. Post a spoiler in the comments and you’re blacklisted.
[Update 2: To end this post with gratuitous imagery, I’ve also included a photo of Greg Verdino as one of the Mythbusters guys. And they’re awesome.]Greg_verdino_mythbusters_2

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Comments to: In the Great Company of 149 Marketing Bloggers
  • July 27, 2007

    Congratulations on making the list, David! Keep it up.
    But CK gets a link and I don’t? 😉

  • July 28, 2007

    You’re in the top 150 in my book!
    Wouldn’t dare post a spoiler, mate, but I finished Harry P. last Sunday feeling a bit deflated… I’ll be keen to hear what you think! You can email me so as not to spoil it for anyone else 😉


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