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Join Me on a Webinar about the Future of Mobile Marketing 8/4

Next week, I’m going to head up to Boston to sit down with the folks at Vivoom to give a talk on mobile marketing best practices and what it means for the future of mobile. The good news is that the talk will be broadcast online, so go to vivoom.co/webinar to sign up for it, and then tune in August 4 at 1pm EST for the event.
For my part, I’ve crafted some new material on the major challenges plaguing mobile marketing today. I then feature about ten examples of either really effective or really interesting mobile ads today (sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s effective, as a lot of these are very new, spanning everything from virtual reality to – yes – Pokemon Go). Then I define the perfect mobile ad with eight criteria. Throughout the event, you’ll see examples from Microsoft, Citibank, Lilly Pulitzer/In the Pink, Visa, Maybelline, BMW, Sprite and others
I’m far more excited about what will be shared by my presenting partner, Katherine Hays. She’s the founder of Vivoom, and when I first sat down with her several months ago, I realized that she had built a product that addresses some of advertisers’ biggest needs. Long-time readers of this blog will be familiar with my writing about storymaking (I continue to update the Storymaking Bible), which focuses on building on customers’ stories rather than trying to create a brand’s story that few people will ever remember. Vivoom is all about giving brands tools that empower consumers to create their own stories and share those stories with their friends. It’s a new take on user-generated marketing, one I haven’t seen done in quite this way. You can read more about why Katherine launched Vivoom over at LinkedIn. You can also get her provocative take on why VCs aren’t funding women-led startups via Knowledge@Wharton.
I hope you can join us August 4 with any of your colleagues. Come prepared to participate with any questions or feedback, as we will have time to make this an interactive discussion.

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