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JuryDuty.com and Reconquering Zelda

I’m managing to blog from jury duty – at least, from the room where you wait around until you’re called before you go before a judge. In this room, there are a half-dozen hardwired Internet connections, a relief for this online marketer and blogger.

The downside: some of the links I’m finding in Google are blocked. These so far pertain to hints to help Cara and I beat The Legend of Zelda on NES (yes, the original Nintendo, hooked up in our new pad).

Meanwhile, even a search for Zelda gets the refined results treatment in Google, as mentioned previously for other gaming searches. Note that these gaming refinements are limited to the digital world; you don’t see them when searching for monopoly or ping pong, but you do see it for Pong.

And, in case you were wondering, Zelda beats Super Mario in Google Trends (Zelda’s undoubtedly helped by Wii; I called my friend – since nursery school – David Hirschl to ask him for Zelda tips, and he thought I got a Wii).

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    September 11, 2007

    Today was my jury duty and although all i had to do was sit there and look at a public service announcement as well as the nutty professor movie for only 3 hours to come out to my car being broken into, IN THE COURTHOUSE PARKING LOT! I asked if they had cameras and they said no! Why wouldnt they have cameras especially in a dark area where they have people parking? Dont they care about there workers and most of all there cars/property? I am so furious because everyone is acting like getting your house keys as well as my GPS system stolen is part of life. UGH! The city is being slum lords by not providing safety on the premises.


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