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Marketers Studio vs. Blockbuster, Part I

An epic saga in the making… or a box office dud. Regardless, Marketers Studio is angrier than Kong.

No_blockbuster_1Marketers Studio went to Blockbuster tonight to try to rent the DVD of the original King Kong but left the Blockbuster card at home. Upon approaching the counter, my membership wasn’t on file since I hadn’t rented a movie in over three months, and then they reminded me why they’re bleeding market share to rivals such as Netflix, Tivo, and the cable giants.

I wasn’t allowed to apply for membership (even though I already am a member) with only a debit card and driver’s license. I’m able to take up an address in Manhattan but can’t rent a $4 movie. This is bordering on the absurd, and it’s a customer service policy that signifies bigger problems. This one policy alone could be considered an anomaly; I know I’m a rare outlier with my preference for debit or bust. But if I’m Blockbuster, I’d want to use this as a learning experience to say, "What obstacles are we putting in our way that prevent us from acquiring new customers?"

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