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MySpace vs. Bebo

Via Mashable.com, Google Zeitgeist reports Bebo’s the top search term of the year, above MySpace. Yet Google Trends says MySpace queries top Bebo hands down – not even close, whether you do US or global.

I’m trying to figure out what the heck’s going on.

Update: Not only do YouTube searches trump Bebo easily, but Bebo’s topped by searches for Orkut, Google’s struggling social network.

UPDATE: A Google spokesperson sent me the response below. I still think they should clarify this better on Zeitgeist.

The reason for this is because the Google Zeitgeist is a regular look at an
aggregation of the most popular and fastest-rising search queries as indicated
by what people are typing in to their Google.com search box. Zeitgeist means
"spirit of the times," and Google search queries, when seen in volume, tend to
reflect what is collectively on our minds day in and day out. People use Google
to search for what’s new and interesting and top of mind.
these lists are not necessarily the most top searched terms of 2006.


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