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I’m just back from Digital Hollywood – see Adam Broitman’s blog for some coverage; he was on my panel, which may make for some good fodder for next week’s column. It’s been tough keeping on top of everything so I’m lumping a few things together today. Tomorrow I’ll be at New York Law School’s Amateur Hour Conference, so with any luck I’ll have good blog fodder there, assuming I find an outlet and a wifi connection.
I’ve enjoyed Plaxo even when it was getting a lot of bad press for basically spamming everyone you knew if you clicked the wrong button (that happened to me once too, but the utility of automatically updating contact details led me to stick with it).
Now it’s getting some buzz for Plaxo Pulse, its business and possibly social network of sorts. Pulse is part of the OpenSocial initiative that Google is championing, and in light of that news, I’ve been getting more pulse invites than ever, as they used to just trickle in every couple weeks. I still can’t figure out what to use it for though. Has anyone actually used it yet, other than setting up their profiles and sending invites to people? What do you do after that?
Blog Pitching Tips
Problogger has a really good roundup on how to pitch bloggers. It’s both thorough and elementary – it’s a basic checklist on best practices.
Part of the Marketing Machine
Google named 360i a “Marketing Machine,” its highest honor for an agency that it bestows quarterly. It’s always great when your work is recognized by such an important partner, so I had to share my pride in being a small part of the triple-digit-sized team that earned the honor.

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