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Not everyone’s going to follow me on Twitter, which is something I can live with, and I can’t say I catch everyone else’s posts, even when I’m following them. And most of my Twitter posts don’t need to go on the blog.

But, if you’re wondering what you’re missing, here’s a selection of recent posts of mine from Twitter:

* don’t look a gift matzo ball in the mouth.
2 qts of soup were just anonymously delivered to me from a place i
never order from. really good

* You know you’re spending too long at conferences when you start feeling attached to your own urinal or stall


  At : 60 percent in US say it’s more important to know how to search for a fact than to know the fact

* Josh bernoff at @ommasocial – b2b is business model for social media. 86% of marketers think SM effectiveness will improve

thought when seeing friend’s
baby pics on facebook: when he’s 13, he’ll be tagged in thousands of
pics already. so happy i was born in 70s

* great post from @mashable on capital one letting credit card holders personalize cards with flickr – http://tinyurl.com/5thpp7

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