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Redefining Christmas with Charitable Giving

I just got wind of the microsite Redefine Christmas, which promotes charitable gifts for the holidays rather than the kind that you desperately try to regift to someone else.
The site’s a wrapper, not the present. I wish there was more you could do on it. Even the links to share info through social media sites are lacking. There’s a Twitter button, but there’s no Twitter account from them. There’s a digg button, but you then have to enter everything yourself rather than one-click voting to digg up the site yourself.
Yet it is all for a good cause, so I won’t be too hard on these do-gooders. The site links to some charitable sites where you can give a gift through donations, namely Changing the Present and JustGive.org.
Below is a little more info from their press release:


For your Dad who always took the
time to read you a special bedtime story and re-enacted “Goodnight Moon” more
times than you remember:  How about
books for children who don’t have any at all?  At www.ChangingThePresent.org
you can find a full range of charitable gifts including the opportunity to put
five books right into the hands of children in need with First Book.  A book at home is often the biggest
factor in learning how to read!


Redefine Gift Cards!

For your best friend who loves to
shop– Instead of Gift Card for the mall, how about a Gift Card for the
world?  You can send an inspiring GiveNow Card from www.JustGive.org.   She can use it to make a donation to any
charity she most wants to support. It’s a win for you; a win for her; and a
powerful win for charities she cares most about. 



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    December 16, 2008

    I’ve been noticing more families doing charitable duties for their children’s birthday parties. For example, instead of bringing toys for the children to the party, bring toys to donate to a local boys/girls club. It’s awesome that people are still giving to those less fortunate even when we all feel a little “less fortunate” during the economic crunch.


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