Social Advertising Metrics at Social Ad Summit

Sean Ammirati, mSpoke/RWW (moderator)Albert Lai, kontagentJody McDermott, ClearspringIan Swanson, SometricsCam Balzer, DoubleClick Performics DoubleClick: Looking for measurable return, such as via hypertargeting on Facebook. If it works for 10,000 people in Chicago, scale it further. Sometrics: Sequencing of ads important. Need not just hypertargeting but more of an ROI model that drives interaction. Moderator: Frequency […]

Social Ad Network Solutions Panel at Social Ad Summit

Allen Stern, Center Networks (Moderator)Seth Goldstein, SocialMediaScott Rafer, Lookery – app ad network focused on user targetingGordon Peters, Social Cash – app monetization solutions including ad network, virtual currencyChris Cunningham, AppSavvy – represent 15 of top 25 appsMike Miller, Offerpal – monetization platform for social media Moderator: How has Facebook redesign affected things? AppSavvy: Really […]