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Web 2.0 or Star Wars Quiz

Via Ross Rubin…

Cerado’s Web 2.0 or Star Wars Quiz

Post your score in the comments. I thought I’d do better… had to settle for a 29 out of 43.

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Comments to: Web 2.0 or Star Wars Quiz
  • October 10, 2006

    Ok – I really am a geek. 31 correct, I have to confess having a 5 year old son who loves to have “star wars” books read to him helped.
    Do I off set my geekyness if I can name the starting lineup for the Mets?

  • October 25, 2006

    Now I feel really sad. Apparently, I’m the geekiest person so far. I got 35. The quiz says, “As your doctor, I recommend moving out of your parents’ basement.”
    My son is only 8 months old, so he can’t really be my excuse.
    Oh, and I’m not even a guy. I am so geeky. Don’t beat yourselves up, guys, some of those names come from the books only… I mean, I’m just guessing they do…
    Actually, I would like to know which ones I got wrong.


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