Facebook News Feed Protest Posters Through the Ages

I keep seeing various forms of News Feed protest on Facebook, along with the backlash to the backlash. Here are a few more contributions: Facebook News Feed protest posters through the ages. You can find these on SlideShare, Flickr, and sequentially below.   Facebook News Feed Protest Posters Through the Ages View more presentations from […]

Kosher Ham’s Jewdar Tell-All

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider   It's one of the most critical, controversial issues of our time. It's been the subject of more columns than MySpace. Even the Talmud, the great repository of Jewish debate and wisdom, is at a loss to comment on it. Yes, in what's undoubtedly the greatest miracle since […]

My Google Wave Limerick

After reading VentureBeat’s coverage of Google Wave – its initial coverage, and then a musing on if it means the death of Gmail and Google Docs – I had to sign up for the beta. When you sign up, you’re encouraged to write a message to the Google Wave team, and it notes “haikus, sonnets, […]

What Do AARP and the 4As Have in Common?

Image by Civil Rights via Flickr Answer: both of them ditched their official names for their acronyms. AAAA Ad Age, April 2009: President-CEO Nancy Hill told attendees that the group, for years known as the American Association of Advertising Agencies, has officially traded its name for its more commonly used acronym, the 4A's. AARP The […]