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Brought to you by: AI Marketing Tools to Save Youđź’° & ⏰—————————————————- Here’s a roundup of what’s been going on and what’s ahead this past week. First off, next week, I’m trying something new and giving a paid talk on AI marketing tools. It’s a showcase of so much of the great tech and a lot of […]
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Brought to you by: A stealth startup seeking your feedback—————————————————- Voice cloning is here. Another one of Pandora’s boxes is open. I shared a post about this earlier this week on LinkedIn: “I just created my very own voice clone in just 5 minutes using only 30 seconds of audio, all thanks to PlayHT. Click the link to listen, and […]
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  This week, we’ll take a close look at the best feature of some text-based generative AI engines that you’re probably not using, and we’ll also come up with some names for three-legged pets. There’s something for everyone here. The setting is “temperature,” and whether you take it literally or metaphorically, it can transform your […]
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  “Nice to see you,” he said. And that was pretty much it. It was 31 years since I last saw him. I’ll call him Sven. He was my bunkmate at Camp Scatico, up in Elizaville, NY, in the Hudson Highlands. I made a name for myself there, not for any feats that a kid […]
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  My name is David, and I’m a connectorholic. You might know that introducing people to each other is a hobby of mine, and even a pastime, but you might not realize that I find it addictive. I get a little too eager to introduce two people who can create that 1+1=3 magic together. Those […]
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  The Product Hunt newsletter headline as I write this is “TikTok as a Search Engine.” The Hustle went with a similar theme this week – “Google’s got competish.” Adorbs. The crux: Alphabet is touting how TikTok and Instagram are popular search engines for younger consumers, and per the logic of American-style capitalism, this benefits Alphabet by […]
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  Last week, I shared some thoughts about what it would mean to reinvent the Cannes Lions while acknowledging that there’s still value in the current version thanks to its role in recognizing creativity, closing deals, cross-pollinating ideas, and sparking global relationships. Now, it’s AI’s turn. First though, I did have the pleasure this week of emceeing Mediaocean’s […]
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  I was talking to a clown the other day, and there’s one thing you need to do when talking to a clown: Take good notes. Within five seconds of her talking about the art of clown — and it is an art form — my gears were turning. The clown, Lindsay, asked me, “You […]
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