Care to join my Superphone pilot?

You might now that my newsletter, aptly named Serially Sporadic, has been a little quiet lately. I have some ideas for refreshing and retooling it with a new focus, and that will come soon. In the meantime, sometimes I have quick updates to share that would benefit from a more immediate push. For instance, I’m […]

A 5-Step Framework for Visual Search

originally published on Convince & Convert How would you hashtag the Mona Lisa? You can probably come up with a lot of ideas. Perhaps your list would include: #art, #DaVinci, #smile, #masterpiece, and #Louvre, among others. Conversely, reading a few of those hashtags would make it easy for most literate, English-speaking adults to guess the […]

Divining the F8 of Image Recognition for Marketers

Originally published in Ad Age; image via Wikimedia Commons Facebook’s F8 developer conference this week provided the most fanciful view yet of where augmented reality is headed. The event also gave marketers — Facebook is, after all, one of the world’s largest ad-supported busineses — a glimpse of AR’s commercial potential. While Facebook previewed its […]