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originally published in Advertising Age The crises hitting the ad industry keep multiplying. Ad-blocking stories have topped the trades and mainstream press for weeks. Talent shortages abound, though the great work produced by top talent is rarely properly rewarded. Twenty years after the first banner ad debuted, we still can't agree on what an impression […]
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And now for something slightly different… Ahead of a trip to Istanbul this week, I was catching up on some reading, which included Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know by Andrew Finkel. Finkel mentions that Chevy Chase starred in commercials for Cola Turka last decade, showing what happens when Americans start drinking Turkish soda. It's […]
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Hi from Singapore, or as they say in Singapore, Hi from Singapore (the joys of visiting former British colonies…). Today, I'm presenting at Crowdsourcing Week here, a conference with impressive speakers from all over the world talking about different opportunities for and ramifications of crowdsourcing. I&39;m honored to be among them, giving a talk on […]
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