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ad:tech New York Press Briefing Coverage

Covering ad:tech NY&; press briefing:

ad:tech New YorkImage by toprankonlinemarketing via Flickr

Sometrics – Ian Swanson, CEO

  • Specializes in brand advertising for social web
  • Industry leader in social analytics
  • Announcement: "Social Branding" – &39;real ROI for brand advertisers&39;
    • Brand exposure
    • Demographic audiecne insight
    • Engagement levels
    • Brand assessment
      • Identify users by harvesting data from social space to deliver the right ads
  • Create interaction, target/identify brand advocates, measure performance
  • Show someone ad unit (eg video), take them through survey (how
    likely are you to purchase?), then call to action (join fan page, click
    here to site, join newsletter, etc).

eZanga – Richard Kahn, CEO

  • 5 year old search engine marketing company
  • News: redesigned site&;
  • Now has social network for members – mainly women 25-45 (if I heard correctly)
  • "They get to do the same stuff they do with MySpace or YouTube" –
    but why would they want to do it somewhere else then? – and they earn
    points for stuff to earn prizes. Oh, so provide extrinsic motivation to
    decrease consumer interest. Great way to weed people off social

Prime Visibility – Andrew Hazen, CEO

  • SEO, SEM firm
  • PRIMEbuzz – social media measurement
  • Certain things get certain weight value – how often bookmarked, views a video gets, how often it&39;s voted up on digg, etc -&0160;
  • 10 metrics that are way too tiny to cover here – whoa, TMI alert,
    but not in the usual way. Pure textual sensory overload. And then it
    happens again on the dashboard slide. Head spinning.

3rd Dimension
– Eric Joseph, President and COO

  • Mobile play – show ads before live camera feeds (for weather, traffic)
  • Mobile ad or PSA served, ad remains on screen until camera goes live
  • NBC exclusive seller of Mobile Eyes network
  • NBC speaker – handles local stations – 10 markets
    • NBC Mobile media platforms include WAP sites, video, SMS, downloadable apps
    • Platform includes multi-platform traffic sponsorship (online
      traffic page, newsletters/direct marketing, traffic cam app/WAP site,
      TV traffic reports/product promos)
    • Hyperlocal action – target to actual exit on I-95
  • Back to 3D – served 4 million ad views in last few months

Augme Mobile
– Anthony Iaovone, Chief Strategy Officer

  • Wasting first minute saying how powerful mobile devices are – really? spending your 5 minutes that way?
  • Augme Mobile: turnkey platform… still waiting
  • Mobile response mechanism – create SMS codes, QR codes, etc – rich media can be assigne for downloading
  • Content adaptation platform – deliver content in mobile-rendered platform
  • Analytics as part of it
  • Solves "mobile spaghetti maze"

Rubicon Project – Founder, CEO

  • Setup: bad ads are killing publishers, ad networks, etc
  • Ad networks are proliferating
  • RP: Ad network optimization
  • Optimizes 17 billion monthly impressions, 300 top networks, reach 250 million uniques
  • Process:

ion Interactive – …

  • Online Marketing TCO/ROI Modeling
  • Online Marketing ROI Calculator

comScore -Evan Neufeld, VP Ad Effectiveness

  • Brand Metrix: measures impact of online ad on awareness, attitudes, perceptions around brand
  • Info based on ~240 studies across a bunch of verticals
  • Across the board: Onlnie shows positive impacts for measures
    • Online ad recall – 6.3% lift
    • Likelihood to purchase – 7% lift
  • Impact of online advertising continues even 4 weeks after first exposure – it&39;s not just about immediate actions
    • Week of 1st exposure: 65% lift
    • Weeks 1-2 after first exposure: 53.8% lift
    • Weeks 1-3 after first exposure: 49.1% lift
    • Weeks 1-4 after first exposure: 45.7% lift
  • Brand ads drive trademark, branded search
  • Synergies between search & display – strong outpacing sum of results of display/search separately
    • % making purchase on advertiser site (retail)
      • Display online – 42% lift, search only 121% lift, search & display 173% lift
      • % making purchase offline (retail only)
        • search only 10% lift
        • display only 35%
        • search + display 52%

eMarketer – Geoff Ramsey, CEO

  • Media spending growth in US – all latest s are getting hurt
    • TNS: above the line spending down 1.6% in first half of 08 alone
  • ANA – 53% of US marketers would reduce ad budgets over next 6 months as of July/August
    • Now going 65%, 70%
    • MarketingProfs – 1/3 already cut budgets
  • Traditional budgets – half to well above will cut. MarketingProfs survey – 85% will cut (n=600 marketers, Oct 08).
  • US online ad spend growth for 08
    • eMarketer: Aug 08 – 17.4% for online ad growth – eMarketer plans to cut that, nip and tuck but not a chainsaw
    • 15.2% growth in H108 – IAB, 15% growth for MSFT in Q3, 22% for Google in Q3
    • Search will be stronger than display, but video will start to pick up on branding side
  • US online ad spend for 2009: eMarketer in Aug said 14.5%


Sometrics, plus great research from comScore and eMarketer

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