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Contest: Design Your Facebook-Style Anti-Social Ad

It’s contest time!

In light of all the recent coverage of the Blockbuster ads on Facebook that appropriate fans’ identities against their will, let’s have a contest.

What you need to do:
Design a Facebook-style ad showing your picture promoting the LAST brand, product, website, or other entity that you’d EVER want to promote (this can be a city, a band, a commodity – anything at all you’d ever consider or ever wouldn’t consider marketing).

Submissions are due February 1. I’ll judge them within the week and post the winner. Note there must be five people entering for there to be a winner. Enter as often as you want.

The winner receives three free months of Netflix, the Blockbuster competitor that doesn’t suck all that much, and in fact is generally pretty darn good.

See the ads
below for a sample if you want a template of sorts to use. You can host your entry wherever you like; I’ll post them here as well; share it on your blog, Flickr, a social network, Facebook, or anywhere and everywhere you like.

For more background on all of this, read about what Facebook’s doing.

Prize fine print: the 3-month subscription applies
to the Netflix service for 3 discs out at a time; you can also have 4
months of 2 out at a time or 6 months of 1 month out at a time. If
there’s an unclaimed prize or a lack of entries, an equivalent donation
will be made to the Camel Book Drive,
which spreads literacy in Africa (the winner can also choose for their
prize to be donated there). If you’re international, we’ll figure
something out.



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