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Mashing it up over Social Agencies and Google +1


Late last week, I had the pleasure of contributing to two features on Mashable.&;

In a byline, I mused on what Google +1 is missing now that it&;s been out for a few weeks:

    All of these challenges to the process pale in comparison to a challenge of perception that can shake the foundations of Google’s image. The +1 listings must be different enough for users to care. If the results with the most +1’s are dramatically different from the order proffered by Google’s algorithm, that means either the people or the algorithm are wrong. Which listing should users trust?

Read the full byline at Mashable.

Additionally, I joined a roundtable with Cassel Kroll of MediaVest and Grant Owens of Razorfish to discuss how agencies approach social media. An excerpt:

A few years ago you could get away with people being “too cool” for social media. … You can’t have people like that around anymore. They need to get the core changes in consumer behavior and time spent online and mobile and social media. You need&0160;everyone&0160;to appreciate what’s happening, and ideally taking part in it.

There&39;s a lot more at Mashable, including several moments from Cassel and Grant where I was sitting there thinking, "Damn, wish I thought of that." Read the post to hear from them even if you&39;re over me.&0160;

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