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Recommendations and References

Katherine Panessidi, Content Director, iMedia:

With so much information
coming out of CES, your summary was comprehensive and insightful for the
marketers in the room. The tone of the conversation both on and off the stage
was heightened and amplified with your perspective and expertise.

Jennifer Wainwright, re: iMedia Brand Summit:


Howard Greenstein, Social Media Club NYC chair, February 2011:

A lesson I learned was “Why you should have David Berkowitz speak at your Social Media Camp Event.” Fills the room, says good stuff, doesn’t eat too much. [David’s note: don’t hold me to the bit about not eating too much.]

Ryon Harms, The Social Executive blogger, October 2010:

David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) from 360i gave a hilarious presentation on mobile social media. His quirky sense of humor went into overdrive as he conversed with his imaginary friend Lenny, a lego man that answered his questions through a click of the PowerPoint. It was the most ingenious use of PowerPoint I’ve ever seen. Sorry, David, I may have to steal that idea some day! You can keep the Barbie that you pulled out of your pocket with the creepy camera though.

The Rochester Chapter of the American Marketing Association (RAMA) blog:


Now when you go to any talk these days, you really don’t know what to expectespecially around the topic of social media.  It’s the type of topic that a person can travel in so many directions with.  In addition, there is always the concern that the speaker’s presentation skills would just be dreadful.  How many times have you sat in a presentation with the boring, bland powerpoint slides featuring size 10 fonts and clipart from 1996? 

No more than 2 slides in, this was not that presentation.

David got the audience attention and kept it.  He dove into the general concepts of social media but not in the cliched “you need to open a Twitter account!” cheer leading that really gets companies no where.  He spoke about a game plan for success in the social media space.  He laid out the ideas in a step by step fashion that got you thinking about Strategy (is this valuable to our customers?) and not Tactics (we need a Facebook page).


Whrrl Blog, March 2009: 10 Social Media People You Should Meet:

I’ve been reading David’s work for many years…. I told David he is the right person to explain why ad targeting is critical to the future of independent content. The industry needs David Berkowitz and if you’ll meet him, you’ll understand why.

Below are recommendations, which also appear publicly on my LinkedIn profile.


“David is the real deal. One of the smartest online marketers around. Dave’s secret? He listens and responds with thoughtful answers. Great resource.” – Bill Flitter, Owner, Pheedo.com
“David knows internet and marketing like nobody, I always make it a point to catch up to him whenever I can!” – Jesse Tayler, Owner, Netmodular
“David’s got his finger on the pulse of online marketing. His Search Insider columns are insightful and his willingness to share his enthusiasm and knowledge is a real asset to the online marketing community.” – Natascha Lee, VP of Marketing Communications, NextAction
“David is an impressive marketer and knows how to cut to the chase on the important topics. I’m never bored having a conversation with him, especially when he’s the one doing the talking.” – Ross Weinstein, Managing Director, NYC, Ingenio

“David has been a terrific speaker for us at our eComXpo online tradeshows for ecommerce marketers. In addition to doing a wonderful solo presentation at our Oct.’05 event, he put together and moderated a great panel on “Search: The Next Frontier” in April ’06. David’s a pleasure to work with and we look forward to having him speak again in the fall.” – Allison Clark, Speaker Contact / PR, eComXpo
“The panel David chaired at the Frost & Sullivan Marketing Symposium was one of the best I have attended. David’s excellent knowledge of emarketing, specially all elements of search marketing, were apparent to all. I also highly recommend David’s blog: www.marketersstudio.com.” – Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist, Google
Other accolades:

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