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Swag Watch at iMedia Breakthrough Continues

I have one last bit of housekeeping to do at iMedia Breakthrough: The Day 2 Swag Watch, following the previous day’s swag roundup.

Here are a few other goodies:

Adobe provided this USB drive to show how its new partnership with Gigya is the “silver bullet.” The problem for me is that I’m the son of a gastroenterologist, and this swag reminds me of some of the stuff my dad used to get at his trade shows. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I promise you that’s for the better (if you come by my office though, I’ll show you my EneMan calendar).

Myxer also gave out USB drives – the guitars are awesome. The only downside: the drive is wide so you can’t have it right next to something else that’s plugged in. Then again, if you’re on a PC like me, having two USB drives plugged in at the same time will probably make your computer explode.

I had to check the USB drives now that I had three, including Tremor Media’s from the first day (more of a standard issue fob – but also the smallest, which is a plus). Here’s the size comparison:

Adobe: 500 MB

Tremor: 1 GB

Myxer: 2 GB

So, Myxer wins in design and size. Adobe comes in last for both size and unwanted associations. Better luck next year.



As for the rest:

Navteq offered lunch in these environmentally friendly bags, unless you throw them out, at which point they will kill dolphins and puppies. Please don’t throw them out. As I now walk to work, I may actually get some use out of this.

Viezon has a mug. It came in a mesh bag. If you have a favorite mug on your desk but it’s not red enough, this is the perfect erplacement.

comScore provided these lightweight and comfy jackets. Some people probably can use them here as it gets cool at night. For an article of clothing, it’s also surprisingly non-ugly. It’s so non-ugly that I decided to model it below, but I clearly didn’t know how to take a picture of myself modeling it, and that’s why I’m somewhat perplexed and off-kilter here. I don’t want you to confuse my confusion for any perceived dissatisfaction with the comScore brand.




As much as I jest, thank you to all of the sponsors for making the iMedia Breakthrough event possible. My opinions of your swag do not reflect my opinions of your brand. Your brands are all the best. Even those that now provide me with unexpected gastrointestinal associations.


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Comments to: Swag Watch at iMedia Breakthrough Continues
  • Avatar
    April 2, 2009

    I knew it. You’re in it for the swag.

  • Avatar
    June 17, 2010

    It takes advantages!
    Even those that now provide me with unexpected gastrointestinal associations.
    Thanks 🙂


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