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The Age of Conversation 3 is Here! Ready to Join It?

It&;s about time.

You marveled at Age of Conversation 1.

You thought the sequel, Age of Conversation 2, couldn&39;t be better… and it was.

And now, it&39;s finally here, a day you&39;ve been waiting for: Age of Conversation 3 is here, a collaborative book with a range of perspectives on social media. Yes, mine&39;s in there – I&39;ve had the pleasure of joining all three of this so far. You can see the full list of authors and their locations here. You should read all of their blogs too, if you have a few thousand hours to kill.

Here&39;s a relatively quick summary from the official announcement:

Almost three years ago, an online conversation between two marketing pros… evolved into a collaborative writing effort by more than 100 bloggers from nine countries, and was aptly titled The Age of Conversation. Fast forward to today and the abstract experiment is now a concrete treatise on the state of social media and marketing best practices as a whole.

Age of Conversation 3 (202 pages; hardcover; paperback; Kindle; ePub) was published by new digital publishing company Channel V Books (www.ChannelVBooks.com), and is now available through all major online retailers, as a Kindle e-book, and will soon be available as an ePub for other digital readers.

Age of Conversation 3 captures the distinct shift from social media as a hypothetical consumer loyalty tool, as it was considered only a little more than a year ago, to its current state as a staple in the modern marketing toolbox. Although the book covers more than just social media, the topic is ubiquitous among the book’s 10 sections: At the Coalface; Identities, Friends and Trusted Strangers; Conversational Branding; Measurement; Corporate Conversations; In the Boardroom; Innovation and Execution; Influence; Getting to Work; and Pitching Social Media.

The first Age of Conversation raised nearly $15,000 for Variety, the international children&39;s charity, and the Age of Conversation 2 raised a further $10,000 for Variety. This year’s proceeds will be donated to an international children’s charity of our authors’ choosing.


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