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The Must-Read Report on Social Customer Relationship Management

I just heard from Jeremiah Owyang, the Web Strategist blogger at Altimeter Group, that he&;s got a new report out on social CRM which he wrote with R "Ray" Wang. This is more of a preview than a review because while I had a bit of time to read it, I have not gone through it in depth.

I can say that helping marketers with social CRM is an increasingly important part of my job at 360i, and I know a lot of my colleagues will appreciate Altimeter&39;s take on it. I&39;m sure I&39;ll have more to say about it soon, but it&39;s good enough that I am excited to read it, so that alone makes it worth sharing here. And the report&39;s totally free on Slideshare, embedded below. You can also find the charts and images on Flickr.

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    March 5, 2010

    David thanks for posting this, consider this a roadmap and framework, I love to hear your feedback after you review.

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    March 7, 2010

    “It is easier to keep an existing customer rather than trying to find a new one”.
    Companies know their bottom line is directly impacted by repeat business and without it, the business can struggle. Customer Relationship Management Marketing can generate new opportunities, repeat business and most of all, additional revenue.
    Whether large or small, each and every business is dependent upon their customer relationship strategy. All companies should be driven by their customer wants and needs, otherwise they can struggle and eventually fail. Aligning client needs with company products and services is critical in client retention and company growth.
    CRM systems help track every aspect of a customer through sales and into ongoing support. Many companies fail to utilize their own client base for revenue generating opportunities. Through these systems, marketing other products and services to existing clients can create “Starburst Opportunities” that can add to the bottom line with minimal expense.
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