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Brought to you by: IndeCollective (save $1K on their bootcamp)—————————————————- Google vs. Google (via Microsoft Copilot / Dall-E 3, ironically I was wrong. And I was right. And I was right for the wrong reasons. In November 2012, I wrote in Ad Age about how Google was disrupting itself. In one of the ballsier predictions I’ve ever written, one […]
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  One of the stranger Twitter disputes that has somehow kept burning lately has been around the etiquette of using Calendly and other such apps for scheduling meetings. There’s an anti-Calendly faction out there that hates receiving Calendly links. The one person I connected with who was most offended by me offering a link to my Calendly calendar […]
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Your Google+ Strategy Calculator originally pubished in MediaPost’s Social Media Insider When brands are invited to participate in Google+, it’s going to get weird. Marketers will face challenges they’ve never had to deal with before in social media. Without knowing specific details of what Google+ brand pages will look like, enough of the variables are […]
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