I opened my closet door, and I was staring inside. A moment of paralysis set in.

I’ve had occasions this year and last to wear a blazer and a button-down — not many, but I’ve dusted off a few of the hanging garments.

This time, though, I was picking out clothes ahead of attending my first conference in 23-and-a-half months. I was going to encounter hundreds of people, meet new colleagues, and manage a marketing firm’s event sponsorship. The ordeal was a familiar one — how many conferences have I been to, 500? It has be more.

Yet this one felt significant. It was just another day, except that it wasn’t.

If you’ve attended an in-person conference this year and felt off, rattled, confused, ambivalent, hesitant, uncertain, or insecure, you are in good company.

Think of all the children going back to school this year who were remote for a year or more. We’re still those kids at heart. We might be excited, and we might have been looking forward to this day for too many months, but this is an age where normalcy is strange.

We’ve heard so many speakers tell us from the stage, “Expect the unexpected.” That didn’t prepare us for now. What we didn’t expect is that everything we used to expect would feel unexpected.

Arriving at CommerceNext IRL just north of Times Square this week, per New York’s regulations, all attendees were required to show proof of vaccination. Security guards checked that our identification matched our vaccination cards.

In the ad industry — disproportionately coming from left-leaning cities, counties, and states (we’re mostly not from Red COVID territory) – New York’s rules may spur the rebound of the conference industry. It’s hard to imagine so many hundreds of people showing up to this indoor event if it was a mixed crowd of the vaxed and unvaxed.

When I headed up the escalator to the ballroom floor, the curiosity began. Most attendees chose not to wear masks, but enough did so that those who masked up shouldn’t have felt out of place.

Social distancing was less a concern for most than personal space. I was aware more than I ever had if it felt like I was standing too close to someone. Usually, I felt like I was a couple of steps back from where I’d normally stand, and that felt right.

COVID colored every conversation. I often initiated those questions:

“Is this your first conference since the pandemic started?” For most, it was, though some had been to other retail-focused events in the previous several weeks.

To people visiting from out-of-town: “Have you been to New York since COVID hit?” The implication is that everyone from out-of-state has been to Manhattan before. It’s one of the things I love about this city. Everyone passes through here, and I’m optimistic that everyone still will, albeit less frequently for many of them.

To and from everyone: “Are you working in an office now?” The answers tend to fall on a spectrum ranging from “no” to “occasionally.”

My notes from CommerceNext, where I was the point person for WITHIN’s presence, centered on the mundane.

I liked the look of the free-standing collateral holders.

One sponsor’s booth stood out because all of its swag was branded in a consistent shade of red.

Another booth made me pause and appreciate the care to which its pen-holders looked like they were set up like flower vases.

I photographed the spread of mini black-and-white cookies at Shopify’s snack station, and I noted the treats (and collateral) that speakers placed at all the seats on their tables during roundtable sessions.

The closest I came to innovating with the booth I was running was hardly a masterstroke. While setting up the day before the show, I didn’t like how all our boxes looked under the table. I happened to have bedsheets that matched the corporate color scheme, so I brought them in the next day and used one as a drape.

Other photos that I took reflected the signs of times that I hoped would pass: a poster reminding attendees of their waiver of liability should a COVID outbreak hit; sponsored stations for masks; Purell on every table; green or red wristbands to indicate social distancing preferences. These too shall pass?

After writing a draft of this newsletter, I read more from the recent biography of Philip Roth. In that very section, Roth told his biographer, “You know what Chekhov said when someone said to him ‘This too shall pass?’ ‘Nothing passes.’”

I believe Roth means here that everything leaves a mark.

Individually-wrapped cookies placed on a table. Consistency of color. Ease of access to collateral. Lighting challenges when tweeting speakers’ photos. Conversations that quickly veered from updates on a CDP (customer data platform) to news from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

And through it all, with the usual chatter among exhibitors on how foot traffic was and whether the brand-side attendee interest met expectations, there was another sign of the mundane:

People were there for a purpose. There was business to do, and people were doing it.

The stakes are higher to send someone to a conference. Not only could an attendee be put at risk, but they could spread that to colleagues and presumably take down a corporation.

Ever work with a team where you’re flying with a bunch of senior leadership and someone says the unthinkable aloud? “If this plane goes down, our company’s toast.”

That was dark humor. COVID humor isn’t so funny. It’s unfunny because it’s true.

And yet, here we were. Here we are, even. You’re likely reading this as I’m back for another day, pondering the wisdom of handshakes and second-guessing my own judgment on whether to don a mask.

But there is business to do, there are friends to catch up with, there is information to share, and there are people to connect with who may in time make a profound impact on another.

Two friends I saw there reminded me that I introduced them to each other. The 30,000 people who interacted with the branded app they launched together had that experience, however indirectly, thanks to me.

This won’t appear on my LinkedIn profile under career highlights.

But the mundanity of it, delivered at that time at this event, is exactly what I needed.

In some way, to some people, all of it, against the odds, matters.



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Lifecycle Marketing Account Manager
NY, Remote OK
“The WITHIN team is growing and we’re looking for a passionate, motivated Lifecycle Account Manager who is willing to take the lead across multiple retention channels such as email, sms, push, app, and more. This is a unique opportunity in a rapidly expanding company.”

Marketing Operations Manager
Remote US
#AI #nocode #customerengagement
“Ushur is looking for an experienced, data-driven Manager, Marketing Operations to manage all operational and automation initiatives on the Marketing & Sales team. The individual in this role will be reporting to the Senior Manager, Marketing Operations and Sales Development, to help lead the administration and management of all marketing tech stack integrations, lead routing, field mapping, and optimizations of functionalities.”

Head of Marketing
Remote US
“We’re looking for our first marketing hire, a Head of Marketing that will create and lead this function. This is a high-impact leadership role where you will report directly to the CEO and own PopSQL’s holistic marketing initiatives and growth targets. A proven track record of marketing results within SaaS is highly desirable.”

Account Executive
Remote US
“The ideal candidate will possess strong sales, interpersonal and organizational skills. They should be comfortable with multitasking and be able to budget their resources in order to meet the assigned quotas for their role.
Responsibilities include:
* Full-cycle sales (cold outbound, set appointments, hold meetings, and close)
* Achieve sales objectives
* Attract high-quality customers and set proper expectations
* Follow sales ops processes
* Act as a brand ambassador

Director of Marketing
“Entrepreneurial, leads with integrity and confidence, the future Director of Marketing has:
* 6+ years experience in performance marketing touching SEO, paid search, paid social, display, product orientation, programmatic
* B2B SMB / Mid Market SaaS strongly preferred, open to high growth B2C internet orgs
* Strategic Executor – 2+ years of people management experience overseeing SEO and paid media teams, can hire, lead, and manage individual contributors to be more cohesive
* Ability to own critical top of funnel metrics (strongly focused on traffic and lead volume) and strategize with the team on how to execute”

Marketing Campaign Manager
Remote US (Pacific, Mountain, or Central time zone)
“We’re hiring for a marketing campaign manager who wants to join as the second marketing hire on our quickly growing team. You will be hyper-focused on generating demand for our sales team (bringing in qualified leads) by leading account-based marketing efforts and supporting integrated marketing campaigns. Were a small, but mighty team. You’ll be tasked with testing and identifying the most effective and efficient channels to drive demand and doubling down efforts where it matters.”

Sr. Director of Performance Marketing
Remote US
“Player/coach leader who can think at a strategic level to set direction and inspire the function, the future Sr. Director of Performance Marketing has:
* 10+ years of experience leading (and building) performance marketing strategies – demonstrated history of running and optimizing omni-channel campaigns for consumer-focused brands
* Prior experience working with consumer-focused brands with high-consideration/long sales cycles
* Data-driven approach to drive innovative marketing programs leveraging a broad channel mix (search, social, display, TV, podcast, traditional and more) – ability/experience to support customer segmentation strategies”

E-commerce Coordinator
Remote anywhere
“We are looking for a proactive, smart, and hyper-organized E-Commerce Coordinator to support the day-to-day operations, maintenance and ongoing improvement of our direct to consumer websites. Working within the Marketing Team and closely with our Ecom & Digital Manager you will be responsible for organizing and uploading new products within our websites and increasing new & returning traffic and revenue by analysing best sellers data and completing weekly merchandising.”

Vice President of Growth
NY or Remote US
#launchplatform #consumerbrands
“The future Vice President of Growth has:
* Marketing leader with 10+ years of experience and proven success scaling a DTC CPG brand(s) by multiple channels. Experience hiring, building and developing a team of marketers/data analysts
* E-commerce, DTC + omni-channel experience within consumer goods, food/beverage, beauty, and/or retail
* Ability to own high level strategy for all existing performance marketing channels including Google ecosystem, Paid Social, Content Marketing, Influencers, SEO + ability to implement new channels”

Marketing Director
Remote US within the Pacific time zone
“The Marketing Director will be responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing plan to accelerate the growth of Candidate. This role will be a pivotal leadership role at the organization and require you to dig in at both the strategic and tactical levels. You will have management responsibilities across a variety of marketing efforts including brand positioning and awareness, product marketing, paid media, email marketing, website, social media, PR, and sales enablement.”

More jobs via Candidate.co:




Director of Growth Marketing
New York, NY
Via Chris Gorges in the community
“We are seeking a Director of Growth Marketing to lead our acquisition strategy across online and offline growth channels. This role will be responsible for allocating and deploying a large media budget and managing a growth marketing team that plans, executes, and analyzes acquisition tactics that drive sustainable and efficient CAC at scale.”

Product Marketing Manager
Remote US
Via George Valdes in the community
“We’re looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join the Monograph team. You’ll help build the future of how landscape architects, interior designers, and engineers, manage their business. Oh, and we work a 4-day work week.”

Head of Demand Generation
New York
#documentation #customersupport
“Smart, hardworking, transparent, and kind, the future Head of Demand Generation has:
* Highly experienced marketing leader with 3+ years specializing in B2B demand generation and Account-based marketing
* 2+ years managing and building a Demand Team
* High growth B2B Enterprise SaaS industry experience // Documentation Platform + Content + CX // Digital Transformation
* Ability to drive strategic ABM campaigns, integrated marketing channels, improve revenue generating operations and customer experience and understands KPIs”

More jobs via Hunt Club:

Marketing Manager, Enterprise SaaS
Remote US
Via Eric Tash in the community
“You’ll set the marketing strategy and co-own revenue goals with sales and product leaders as part of an integrated go-to-market team. You’ll work closely with the product team, as well as the digital marketing and communication specialists to plan and execute product launches and marketing campaigns to meet or exceed the sales pipeline goals. Excellent opportunity to grow to Marketing Director position with a fast-growing startup.”

Demand Generation Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Remote OK
Via Chris Kuehn in the community
“Negotiatus is the fastest and easiest way to purchase, manage spend, and submit payment across all of a business’ vendors. Our platform oversees tens of thousands of orders per month, many millions in spend, and thousands of users. We’ve grown quickly since our founding in 2016 with the help of great investors and customers and are looking to continue that trajectory over the next few years.”

Seattle Metro Area
“The speechwriter will be a key member of the Global Communications team within the Communications Division. This role will report to (and work closely with) the Deputy Director for the Foundation Voice team and will be responsible for all aspects of crafting high-quality speeches and other written content in support of the foundation’s communications goals.”

Find more jobs on the Serial Marketers job board.

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