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Eteku Elemi, Please Stop Sending Me Nigerian Scam Spam on Facebook

So, you thought Facebook was all about personal identities and relationships, right? Well, now a Mr. (or Ms.?) Eteku Elemi is sending me spam on Facebook, and he (or she) doesn&;t even send me a friend request to go along with it.

This is the first time I&39;ve seen the Nigerian scam on Facebook. This won&39;t scale as well as email as Facebook is a controlled system as opposed to the openness of email, but it&39;s also one new added annoyance – each new communications channel is one new channel to get spammed and scammed.

Below&39;s the snapshot of the email; the full text is in the extended entry.

Update: Minutes after I first viewed the email, I went back to it (with plans of sending a snarky response) and the "reply" box disappeared. Facebook worked very fast to clamp down communications. Yes, someone could theoretically reply to Eteku&39;s Hotmail account, but this was quick work on Facebook&39;s part.

Facebook nigerian spam

Subject: Cooperation


I am Sami Karin. Personal attorney to late Mr. Abels Berkowitz,a foreign national
and a construction engineer.I have the pleasure to contact you on this subject matter.

My late client died along with his entire family while on holiday in
Asia Earth Quake Disaster (Phuket Island in Thailand on December 2004.
He left the sum of USD$4.5M with a bank and ever since his death,the
bank has asked me to provide his next of kin.

I have the pleasure to contact you based on the fact that you bears the
same surname with him so that you will stand as his bonafide next of kin
and claim this money which he left behind.

On hearing from you,I shall give you a comprehensive information&39;s of what
to do as regards to this.

Sami Karim
Jl kampung, Sudirman.
Reply to:lf_nepfirms_dki@hotmail

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