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Goodbye Delicious, Hello Pinboard

As part of all of the changes with the site and blog, I finally said farewell to one of my most reliable tech services. Delicious, which had really been left for dead for years after it was spun back out of Yahoo, no longer made sense to use. It got to the point when I had some technical issue and reached out to their support email, and it bounced back. It was time, after 5,430 bookmarks using 1,751 tags.
But where to go? I have been a loyal Pocket user for years, but even their own guidelines say it’s better for reading stories later rather than amassing an archive of links.
Instead, through some internet searching, I found Pinboard. It has been around since 2009, so reliability isn’t an issue. It’s scrappy and minimalist, rather than offering features than needed. It made it easy to import, organize, and save bookmarks. While it is a paid service, the options are either $11 or $25 annually, and I only needed the $11 option – an easy cost to justify.
I’ll miss Delicious. I think one of the reasons I clung on was that I hoped some well-heeled fan would reacquire it, polish it up, and keep it going. Heck, even Yahoo finally retooled Flickr and made it relevant again. But I left Delicious and even closed my account. Thanks, Delicious, for all your years of service; you had a good run.

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