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NewTeeVee Pier Screenings Live Blogging

Tonight I’m blogging from NewTeeVee’s Pier Screening event in New York City, the first one it’s hosted outside of San Francisco. It’s so Bay Area, hobnobbing with NewTeeVee, Technorati, RockYou, and others, plus some of the social media elite based in Silicon Alley like Magnify.net.


  • Obama Girl and creator Ben
  • Jacob of Vimeo (owned by IAC), who had a video of him spitting in his coworker’s face and him dodging the return spit
  • Creators of The Burg, which makes fun of Williamsburg, and a teaser for their new web show The AllForNots which they’re creating for Michael Eisner


Films are rated on a scale of 1 to 4 Obama heads.

  • A lonely girl in New York – I don’t get why this is funny – it’s like this slightly less annoying version of Kathy Griffin
    • Judges: 3 Obamas
    • Me: 1 Obama
  • Kiki’s Commentary – I’m annoyed after three seconds
    • Judges: 1/2 an Obama head (Ben: "It may have been over my head")
      • The judges redeem themselves
    • Me: 0 Obamas (can I give a negative Obama, maybe a Cheney?)
  • True Love (She Farted): a guy farts, and a girl farts back, and they fall in love with each other over it
    • Judges:They didn’t like it
    • Me: 1/2 an Obama
  • Film Noir parody about sexual fantasies by Rob Parrish – with a couple funny moments, it was the best thing by far tonight, which is like saying Oprah’s the best TV show by far at 3pm – if nothing else is on, it’s remotely watchable
    • Judges: 4.5 Obamas and a Dennis Kucinich (somehow Obamas are multiplying)
    • Me: 2 Obamas
  • A film about a guy proposing who says she’ll be totally surprised. Let me guess – she’s watching this whole thing, and it’s not a surprise. Actually, it turns out she was surprised. It was somewhat sweet, and I wasn’t surprised by the surprise. But that means there wasn’t a surprise.
    • Judges: They didn’t judge it but generally liked it
    • Me: 2 Obamas
  • Weird America – some strange thing about a woman in pruple and a guy in red playing an accordion which is as annoying as these movies get. I think in some way it makes fun of Gypsies.
    • Judges:
    • Me: If Obama’s elected, he should require people get a license before purchasing a video camera

Films with Jewish references: 2
Films with really annoying lead female protagonists: 3
Films with farts: 1
Films with accordions: 1

And the winner is… the film noir thing (Next to Heaven), followed by Josh’s Proposal followed by the annoying Kathy Griffin-like girl.

If this is the best of web video, the online video revolution ended tonight.

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