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Firebrand Preview Launches during Advertising Week – Love Coverage

Blogging from the launch of Firebrand, a new media company focused on entertaining ads in multiplatform environment – Web, TV (on Ion), and mobile. Official launch: October 22
Targets Millennials, 30% of US population.
Firebrand: QVC for the MySpace generation, or doing for ads what MTV did for music/music videos.
Bottom line: advertising supported by ads, especially for ecommerce so you can buy right from the ad.
NIce perk for me: Bloggers got new iPod Nanos. I thought they were reaching to give me a press kit. This is much better. Two people next to me were debating whether they’d have media kits on the iPods, and we were skeptical. Sure enough, a couple videos were loaded on, and there’s some digital messaging in the menus that say it’s from Firebrand. Really well done there from a marketing perspective, which I’m writing as objectively as possible now that you know about the schwag.
Goal for Firebrand: 1 million unique visitors by year’s end. Aim to get 4-5 clicks per user per month to monetize site (rough estimate, they need to confirm).
Not said at this event:
Very competitive marketplace – notably TBS’s VeryFunnyAds, NBC’s didja. Advantage for competition: major media companies backing them. Advantage for Firebrand: dedicated focus on making this work in new way cross-platform, heavy integration.

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Comments to: Firebrand Preview Launches during Advertising Week – Love Coverage
  • Avatar
    September 25, 2007

    Damn! I was invited to this and couldn’t make it.
    Could use a Nano.
    You know, in case there were any extras still lying around or anything 😉
    Was it one of the new video ones?

  • Avatar
    September 25, 2007

    Thanks for the “love coverage.” As you mentioned NBC’s didja was not talked about. Just to let you know… NBCU, as an investor in Firebrand, recognized synergies in the two concepts. Firebrand agreed, and a decision was made to have the two join forces.

  • Avatar
    September 26, 2007

    what an interesting concept !
    I wonder if people are going to evolve into shopping-monsters after being confronted with massive amounts of ads.
    Yours Sincerely.


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