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Not Every Ad Has to be Social

A car at valley of Lawu

Got it?

I had a few comments along those lines in this great story in Mashable, 4 Best Practices for Social Advertising, by Todd Wasserman:&;

Take a look at most advertising you see. Is it something you would want to pass on to a friend? No. That&;s because most ads are not entertaining in themselves, but are either formulated to propose a call to action or as a branding exercise. "If you think of the typical ad with the shot of the car driving on the mountain against the sunset, there&39;s nothing particularly social about it," says David Berkowitz, CMO of the marketing agency&0160;MRY. "You have to consider if there&39;s anything social about it."

Read on to find out about the rest of the best practices, plus insights from Peter Goodman at Salesforce, and Jim Squires at Facebook.


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