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OMMA Keynote: Google

Note: I’ll be publishing these posts on the fly, including expanding existing posts, so they may change from one minute to the next.

Keynote speaker: Eileen Naughton, Director, Media Platforms, Google

Here’s the big shocker from Google this morning: search is a core consumer behavior.

She then compared media surveys of Super Bowl ads from January 07 with YouTube votes, comparing hundreds of people surveyed by the press to the 100,000 users who voted on YouTube within 24 hours. As impressive as it is, it’s a very skewed sample on YouTube. It’s apples and oranges though; YouTube’s about measuring the buzz, while the press were interested in a broad consensus of what resonated. Yet as Naughton pointed out, on YouTube the views of ads kept coming long after the game, and there were tons of comments on the ads too.

The rest of the talk seemed to focus on user-generated video, but it was hard to hear, as it’s a full house and I’m in the reject room in the back squinting away trying to see it.

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