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OMMA Social Panel: The Personal CPM: Quirky Idea or Future Marketing Reality?

Moderator, Charlene LiLi by Thomas Hawk via Flickr
The Personal CPM: Quirky Idea or Future Marketing Reality?

Moderator: Charlene Li, Founder, The Altimeter Group
David Honig, Co-Founder, Media6Degrees
Joe Marchese, President, SocialVibe
Jamie Tedford, Founder/CEO, Brand Networks
Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across

Q: Something about the social graph. Charlene&;s mic isn&39;t working well.

Eric: With media, it&39;s about the connections between people and the strong bonds. You can use social network theory to model your audience.

Joe: The idea of packaging the social graph is simple. You used to advertise to people. Now you&39;re advertising through people. [My take: this creeps me out the way he says it, and I&39;m good friends with Joe. If I think advertisers are marketing through me, I&39;m going to start clamping down.]

David: With social graph activities, as long as it&39;s anonymous, you can find the nodes that matter to you.

Jamie: It&39;s interesting if it&39;s not anonymous. Sears did a campaign. They&39;re giving away $10 gift certificates to become a fan of the page. They realize the lifetime value of what they pay for the media plus $10.

David: You&39;re never going to get lifetime value just by that one time action (e.g. becoming a fan).

Joe: There are two ideas. One is the consumer as a source of media. … People have a personal CPM they have to be compensated for. You want people to spread your brand intentionally, not by accident. That takes planning.

David: Compensating them is another topic. I&39;ll use my Duane Reade card to save a dollar but I won&39;t give them access to my credit card.&; … There have to be rules.

Jamie: We&39;re comfortable with poitns programs. How come we&39;re not comfortable with rewarding true engagement?

Joe: You&39;ve got to say these people are publishers of social content and go from there. … You can reward people for sharing your brand.

Eric: Like microlending, we&39;ll see stuff happening with microblogging. We&39;ll see ways to rank/score people on a consistent basis. [Me: This is also freaking me out a bit if I think everyone&39;s scoring me. As if the pressures to conform weren&39;t bad enough in high school…]

Jamie: I always believed Facebook and MySpace were CRM systems – building fan lists, etc. The goal is to aggregate users and fans. They are hand raisers, and by doing that they&39;re more valuable and more credible.

Joe: There&39;s an idea of user-generated targeting. … It&39;s a lot harder when you used to buy advertising and now you&39;re trying to get people to share Colgate.

Charlene: Is it all about tapping evangelists? Not necessarily. It&39;s about tapping into people&39;s passions.

My QScary Stories cover with creepy hand lock&39;creepy&39; Image via Wikipedia: How do you avoid creeping people out?

Via Twitter:d_rey: @Jack2point0 RT Awesome quote: "the more you guys talk, the more you creep me out" #ommasocial

Eric: Behavioral targeting was all about the marketer. With social media, 70% of US is involved in social networking. Charlene Li has said social networking will be like air. We&39;ll see more players in this space giving back to people and making it more valuable. People will get back

David: Is it creepy when you walk into the grocery store and they know all this about you. {missed the rest of this]

Joe: Sorry for creepign you out. Any medium can be abused. I see social media getting abused daily online. You avoid a lot of it simply by asking people for permission.

Jamie: To me, it&39;s a kinder, gentler marketing. It&39;s &39;marketing with&39; instead of &39;marketing to.&39;

Charlene: Remember Caller ID when it first came out? That really creeped out people too. [Umm, but that&39;s not marketing.]

[My overall take on this: I still don&39;t think they fully address how creepy it is to market through a person and piggyback on their personal brands. Marketing to someone is far more passive and innocuous.]

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