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Rate Super Bowl Ads from Twitter

Jeremiah Owyang’s creating a Twitter party for rating Super Bowl ads. It’s like a pop-up community, a virtual event adding another layer to the real one. Here’s how to take part:

Send your vote to @superbowlads: When we’re
watching the game in real time, simply send a reply to superbowlads. I
created this Twitter account just for this virtual event. Reply to the
superbowlads account, name the commerical, and give it a rating of 1-5
stars, 5 being the best.


“@superbowlads That Pepsi commercial was funny 4 stars”

“@superbowlads The Hillary Clinton advertisement was bunko 2 stars”

“@superbowlads Bud-wise-er, that was so 10 years ago, weak. 1 star"

Update: I forgot to mention, if you want to connect on Twitter, my user name’s davidberkowitz.

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Comments to: Rate Super Bowl Ads from Twitter
  • February 3, 2008

    Why not on Pownce, where you can rate notes?

  • February 3, 2008

    Re: the comment above, I know all of one person who actively uses Pownce. From what I can tell, supported by sites like Quantcast, Twitter has the audience.

  • February 3, 2008

    A bunch of marketers from the Facebook group, “What I Saw at the Direct Marketing Revolution,” will Twitter the ads during the game. Details are here:


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