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Where Could You Rate Super Bowl Ads?

First of all, yes, it feels good to be a Giants fan today. The best part was all the screaming out on E 86th Street, people dancing spontaneously in the streets and neighbors who I never knew existed coming to their windows to either join in or watch.

More importantly for these purposes, where could you watch and rate the ads. Last year, you could on YouTube, but this year, they had nothing set up to do that (of course commercials will make their way there, but there was no official organization from the site). This year, with the game broadcast on Fox, MySpace hosts the ads, but you can’t rate them. Hey Nielsen set up a forum for it, but even though I was a member, I didn’t want to feel like I had to actively engage as part of that community; I just wanted to passively contribute a few ratings (and I don’t know if I know anyone else on that site anyway). Jeremiah Owyang set something up on Twitter, but that was more of a fly by night community experience, not a place to watch the videos and see the most popular spots. I also checked digg, but they don’t have anything special there.

So… where could you go to rate them?

One other thought: were there any great ads this year? I liked the Tide
stain ad, but it’s Tide, and a talking stain. Charles Barkley was good
in T-Mobile’s and Justin Timberlake was okay in Pepsi’s, but both ads
felt like they’ve been done before, and both went on too long. Some ads
were offensive, like Bud Light and Sales Genie both making fun of
Indians and others, while Life Water or whatever it is used reptiles in
what felt like a ripoff of Filipino prison videos.
The ones that struck the biggest chord for me were Tide and Victoria’s
Secret, which both demonstrated the value of why you should use their
products in memorable ways (and, for that matter, you could use their
products together), and then Budweiser’s latest Clydesdale spot, which was the best ad hands down but was still a sequel.

So no, there were no great ads, and there was nowhere to rate them. If the GIants comeback wasn’t that incredible, the biggest upset this year would have been with the advertising.

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    February 4, 2008

    We just posted our 4th annual study of how well super bowl advertisers integrated online and offline advertising – we’ll be writing more about this on our blog, but the preliminary findings are already up on our site: Super Bowl XLII Scorecard.


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