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Wikimobidex: Mobile Media Planners' New Favorite Site?

Editor&;s note: This post has been updated from July 2009 when it referred to Wikimobipedia. The site is now Wikimobidex as per below.


I received an email from Jamie Wells, US Mobile Director from OMD, about a new site he launched, Wikimobidex. He wrote when it first launched:

He wrote:

I wanted to let you all in on a little side project that I&39;ve been working on, and was hoping you&39;d embrace it for the good of our industry.&; The site is called wikimobidex.org, and it&39;s basically a public wiki where mobile marketing buyers can easily collect the info they need (case studies, contact info, audience comps, etc) to begin their planning process.

With our space moving so fast I felt the industry would benefit from a place that "keeps up with mobile (so you don&39;t have to)", and so far things have been going pretty well.&0160; I&39;ve yet to publically publicize the site (that&39;s coming soon), and so far I&39;ve got most of the major mobile players involved – over 50 companies – in less than a month.

I love this idea for a number of reasons. One is that my least interesting collection is my media kit library, so having everything together on the web will potentially make one part of my job easier.

The other is that everyone Jamie sent that email too worked at different agencies that have some involvement with mobile. It’s safe to say no agency is going to win any business because of how current one’s media kit is, so this kind of collaboration will benefit everyone and threaten no one. Yes, some agency planners and strategists will probably discover a few more potential vendors and partners through this, but again, that alone isn’t going to come at another agency’s expense. And mobile’s an area where there’s so much going on but often in fits and starts, so it’s great to have areas where people bring it together.

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