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10 Themes from 2012’s Bagels & Beer with Berky


A snapshot of a Bagels & Berky session from Atlanta; yes, the bagels are better in NY, but "Grits with Berky" doesn&;t have the same ring to it.

I recently shared some highlights of my pet project at 360i on 360i&39;s blog:

At carbohydrate-crazy 360i, a number of us gather every other week late afternoon Wednesday for Beer with Berky and first thing Friday for Bagels with Berky (both abbreviated as BwB). At these sessions, anyone who shows up takes part in discussions about new technologies, media, trends, and industry news, and I – the eponymous Berky – get to serve as host and moderator.

The notes from all of this year’s sessions spanned 36 pages, with hundreds of links and dozens of supporting documents. To give you just a taste of what we’ve covered, here’s a more consolidated version. For the full effect, grab a Guinness or a bagel (or both!) while reading.

My colleague running 360i&39;s blog did such a great job laying out the post that I&39;ll refrain from sharing it entirely here, so check it out and let me know what you think should be a focus in 2013.


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