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Also, going to CES?

I was on a call with an Israeli startup founder who noted how hard it is for companies there to find strong marketing & sales leads in the US.

He said the ones that make the most noise usually aren’t the ones who do the best work.

I told him that it’s funny because often the best sales & marketing people I know, including most of the roster of FOAF, are usually too focused on marketing their clients or employers to properly market themselves.

Both sides have something to learn from the other.

If you’re going to build a personal brand, you’ve got to be able to back up your claims with capabilities, and the burden of proof may be even higher that you can do what a given job calls for.

And if you’re so heads down with your work that you’ve all but disappeared, you may miss out on some of the best opportunities.

Balance, right?

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up for my 15th Consumer Electronics Show. Going? Let’s meet up there, or compare notes after if we can’t.

Also, email me so I can send you my collection of event/party lists, and possibly a few other invites.

Going to CES 2024?

Like, you know, Vegas?

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Meanwhile, I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start. I was home New Year’s Eve, a 15-minute walk from Times Square where my billboard for FOAF was running right between the Old Navy and McDonald’s.

Thanks Five Tier for the ad plays, and thanks FOAFer Andy Brenits for the new logo. (The ad itself was my doing… in a rush to find something, I adapted a Canva template of a milk ad and rewrote the copy.)

Meanwhile, a bit after returning from CES, I’ll be giving a talk, AI Marketing Tools to Save You💰 & ⏰ . I’m sure I’ll be prepping it until it’s time to go on, but so far, I can tell you that I’m packing a ton into this one, and even if you can’t make it live, I’ll send you the recording and deck. Hope you can check this one out.

See you in Vegas, the next First Wednesday (we’ll have a sponsor, and it’ll be a fun one), in one of the communities, or anywhere else.

Here for you as we kick off this year right. You can check out my roster of resources here: http://bit.ly/howdavidcanhelp.


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January 9-12, Las Vegas
“Flip the switch on global business opportunity with CES, where you can meet with partners, customers, media, investors, and policymakers from across the industry and the world all in one place. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the most powerful tech event in the world.”

January 21, Austin, TX
“Join us this year to engage, collaborate with, and learn alongside the decision makers building a brighter future together. For 2024 we expect over 1,500+ attendees and will gather in Austin’s beloved Long Center for the Performing Arts. Over 30+ community local and global partners have already committed to celebrating and joining us for UN World Logic Day in Austin, TX this year (see list below). We are thrilled to announce our Local Co-Chairs Anika Chokhavatia (UT McCombs & 2023 World Logic Day Award Winner) & Emily Gupton (Austin Women & Technology) & our Global Co-Chairs Nisaa Jetha (Founding Chief UK Member), Olivia Dell (Cometa & NOVA Impact), & Sofia Sunaga (Intergen Family Office) who embody and champion logic and impact in their professional and personal lives.”

February 27-28 2024, London UK
“The Generative AI for Marketing Summit 2024 is set to take place on February 27th-28th, 2024, at a venue to be confirmed in London. This pioneering event marks a significant milestone as the first gathering of strategic marketing leaders, creatives, and technology enthusiasts to explore the transformative power of Generative AI. Generative AI has ignited unprecedented levels of excitement and curiosity within the marketing and creative industries. Its potential to revolutionize marketing workflows is undeniable, and this summit aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how Generative AI can shape the future of marketing.”


Keep checking out the #jobs channel in Serial Marketers for more. Also, check out the AI Marketers Guild job boardFor other job resources for marketing jobs, see a long and regularly updated list here.

Head of Internal Communications and Engagement
Devens, MA
“Commonwealth Fusion Systems seeks a creative and seasoned internal communications leader to join our mission of enabling limitless clean energy. As the Head of Internal Communications and Engagement, you will steer our company’s internal narrative, ensuring our mission, strategy, and values are clear and resonate throughout the organization. With a pulse on what’s happening, you will keep the team informed, engaged, and inspired and ensure that employees understand the rationale behind decisions. Collaboration is paramount, whether partnering with the CEO or working with individual contributors. You’ll play a pivotal part in shaping our vibrant company culture, and contributing to our overall success.”

Web3 Ecosystem Marketing Manager
San Jose, California, United States
“OKX is revolutionising world systems through our cutting-edge digital asset exchange, Web3 portal and blockchain ecosystems. Role & Responsibilities: -Identify growth opportunities and channels across CeFi and DeFi products through research using data from key metrics. -Identify and analyze current GTM gaps and strengthen the product ecosystem pipeline in different functions within OKX. -Initiate ecosystem development plans and conduct succession planning initiatives. -Strategize and execute omnichannel campaigns for ecosystem growth with internal and external stakeholders.”

Marketing Director, Product Design
United States
“The Director of Product Design for Kinetic will lead the Marketing team in creating and evolving innovative web products for our customers. This role will have one direct report and is responsible for overseeing the entire product design process, from conducting Product Discovery and brainstorming initial product ideas to creating the final designs and high-fidelity prototypes. The Director of Product Design will also work closely with other departments, such as engineering, product management, marketing, and sales to ensure our products meet customer needs and align with our company goals.”


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