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Best Jobs for Facebook Junkies

US News and World Report this week lists "The 7 Best Jobs for Facebook Addicts" (via the WOMMA Word). Go to the article for the why, but to spare you the suspense, the list is below. I’m only counting 6 jobs though, unless one of the sections is supposed to be for two, like .

  1. Recruiter
  2. Social media marketing manager
  3. Photographer
  4. Analyst – User operations
  5. Tech reporter / blogger
  6. Product managers and developers

With the list, one wonders how much they were stretching to create something long enough to attract the link bait (my standards aren’t too high). First of all, they didn’t even get to 7. As for blogging as a career, there are more people making a living off being professional baseball players than there are bloggers. Photography is at least more feasible, though I’d say event planning is just as good an extension of Facebook’s platform and easier to turn into a career.

Here are my 10 picks for jobs that benefit from Facebook experience:

  1. Matchmaker
  2. Professional Scrabble player
  3. Exterminator (for fans of the app MouseHunt)
  4. Hitman (see Mob Wars)
  5. Virtual gift shop delivery person
  6. Contact importer
  7. Town crier
  8. Mover (given all the boxes you shift around)
  9. Vice President of Poking
  10. Jewdar technician
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