Join Serial Marketers on Slack

Want to connect with fellow serial marketers? One of my summer projects, launching in July, will be the Serial Marketers group on Slack. I’ve been meeting more phenomenal people lately who are sharing great resources (including articles and technologies), hiring, organizing events, and otherwise doing work that should be shared and socialized further. Anyone in […]

Proud to be a Storyhunter

I shared this over at Facebook and LinkedIn but wanted to spread the good news for my friends here too: Today, I’m excited (and humbled) to share that I am joining Storyhunter as their first-ever head of marketing. TL;DR: Thanks Storyhunter crew, check out our site, and let’s catch up if you find it relevant. Long version: […]

The Most Zen Job Posts Ever

Want to work for Mashable's Digital Innovator of the Year and MediaPost's Social Agency of the Year? Want to work at a place where Everyone Contributes? Want to work with me, if that's not too much of a drawback? Good, because MRY is hiring. To showcase a few of our hiring needs, I recenlty posted […]

A New Day Begins at the New MRY

So, about today… Pardon if I spend a little time blogging about what's new and what's ahead as I meet more of the team here and, oh, try to learn my new phone number, but I'll have plenty of time to share more. In the meantime, you can find me in most of the places […]

Thank you, 360i

I don't always find myself speechless here, but I'm at a loss to properly thank my friends and soon-to-be-former colleagues after 88 months as part of the team at 360i. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the smartest, most driven, most tenacious, most creative, and most handsome (Julian and Wurst – […]

An Alternative to Klout Scores When Hiring and Seeking

TechCrunch just 'outed' Salesforce for using a Klout score as a "desired skill" for a community manager (bold comments in parentheses are from Drew Olanoff at TechCrunch):  Desired Skills:– Knowledge and use of social media/social networks considered an asset (Of course, good thinking!)– Ability to work independently and as a part of a team (Definitely. Smart ask.)– […]

Inside the Hiring Studio

I get a number of job updates from friends and recruiters (and a number of recruiter friends – it need not be mutually exclusive). There are some recruiter friends like Bonnie Halper ( bonnie @ ) who I’ve known for years and will recommend as great resources. Here are a few things that have […]

Best Jobs for Facebook Junkies

US News and World Report this week lists "The 7 Best Jobs for Facebook Addicts" (via the WOMMA Word). Go to the article for the why, but to spare you the suspense, the list is below. I’m only counting 6 jobs though, unless one of the sections is supposed to be for two, like #5. […]