Are you feeling out of it at all?

These days, I’m often thinking about what we are out of.

Out of Office

Remember when Out of Office was one of those phrases that sparked joy?

What ritual of corporate life short of a promotion felt better than penning an Out of Office reply?

But now, even offices we planned to get back into are telling us, “Keep out.” The offices that many of us wanted to return to, at least sometimes — and on our own time — are telling us that we should plan on staying out a while longer.

The goal we seek is often now Out of Home Office, whether right outside or far away.

Out of Home

Out of Home used to mean billboards.

Then it meant any kind of promotional display practically anywhere, including many spots indoors. Out of Home could still be inside somewhere other than your home.

Now Out of Home is an aspiration for many of us. Just get us Out of Home.

Where? Anywhere. At least, anywhere out.

We don’t want to be plastered beside a highway.

Granted, some of us would like to have a chance to be plastered. That could be beside a highway or anywhere else.

If we were plastered on a highway billboard though, we would run the risk of falling, and that could cause a Fallout, or a Falling Out.

Out of Doors

Out of Doors is now generally the safest way to meet Out of Home or when Out of Office.

We aren’t usually out of doors. We tend to have the number of doors that we need. Perhaps that’s why we just say outdoors.

If we just said outhome, it might bring to mind an outhouse.

The First Wednesday meetings are Out of Doors. We will have our next First Wednesday tonight in Madison Square Park. There are no doors to the park. There are gates.

Last night, there was an Upstream event, dubbed Upstream IRL. Upstream, In Real Life, Out of Home, Out of Doors, On a Roof. It was packed with as many people as prepositions.

Maybe there were a few propositions as the night went on too. It’s reasonable to think two people were mutually adored Out of Doors.

Out of House and Home 

Out of House and Home tends to have a negative connotation. That’s probably because of the redundancy.

It is also the one time where one will say Out of House.

When one says Out of House and Home, that tends to be preceded by “eaten.” The act of eating may require one to use an outhouse, but one should never eat out of an outhouse, or in one.

The meaning of the expression could shift, especially when removing eating from the phrasing. “I got Out of House and Home to clear my head.” Doesn’t that seem blissful?

Out of Body

An Out-of-Body experience takes you to another plane.

One cannot have an Out-of-Mind experience.

If you’re Out of Mind, it is because someone else is having an experience that you are not a part of.

If you’re out of your mind, that is probably not a pleasant experience for you or the one labeling you. But you might not mind, depending on who out there thinks you are out of it.

Someone who thinks you are out of your mind may also think you lost your mind. Either you have a mind that you are not in, or you have a body that your mind is not in

We should relish being Out of Mind — at least our own mind. Few things can be more therapeutic than getting out of your own head.

Out of Sorts

If you’re out of your mind, you may feel Out of Sorts.

If you’re Out of Sorts, the best way to get back into sorts is to sort it out.

If you’re out of shorts, it’s probably because you’re working out of your home too much.

Working Out of Home can also lead you to be out of shorts, should you be Out of Doors.

If you’re out of shorts, you may have a new problem — of sorts. The problem is black-and-white, as you must sort colors and whites.

This Out of Sorts thread is running Out of Steam — a Sorts Shorts Short Circuit.

Out of Pocket

Being out of shorts may cause one to get Out of Sorts.

But one often tries to get back in sorts by being Out of Pocket.

One can be out of shorts and Out of Pocket, but if one is in shorts, one can put their hands in their pockets while Out of Pocket.

These musings may feel out of the blue, and out of courtesy, I will cut it out.

It would be an outsize pleasure to see you Out of Doors at First Wednesday, or on Upstream, or sometime Out of Home, Out of Office, out of my deepest interest in connecting in real life wherever it is safely possible to do so.

Peace Out.



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GROW 2021
August 3-4
“Growth talks, hangouts and masterclasses covering the most important DTC retail topics of the year. Hear from the biggest-name brand founders and tech platforms on how they are developing strategies for the post-pandemic future of DTC retail. From vertical building and scaling to hiring and fundraising, we’ll cover a lot in two days.”

August 4, 5 pm
Back in person! First Wednesday, our fun NYC tradition led by Zack Rosenberg, keeps going strong. We’ll be back in Madison Square Park around 5-7pm near Shake Shack. Drinks covered by MediaVax.ai in honor of CEO Barbara Buchanan coming to town.

August 5, 12 pm
Via Joe Koufman in the community
Back in December 2020, we sat down with the top marketers for the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta Falcons about how they stayed fluid, flexible, and innovative in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we emerge into the “new normal” of fandom and sports marketing, how will things change?

August 6, 2 pm
How to Attract Your Ideal Client featuring the returning Jamie Ratermann. We will share simple and actionable tips to understand how your messaging can make a difference for your online presence.

August 11, 5 pm
Via Chris Vaglio in the community:
“The NJ Ad Club will be hosting our first in-person happy hour networking event on Aug 11th starting at 5 pm at Tommy’s Tavern + Taphouse. It’s an outdoor event and a great way to connect in person with other pros in the industry.”

August 12, 2 pm
Via Plus Aziz in the community
Webinar by GoodTime looking at change management for a distributed workforce, no matter the size of your company looking at
– Best practices in global change management
– Leveraging WFA for improved diversity
– Tech stack to ensure compliance + collaboration
– WFA’s impact on hiring opportunities
– The importance of employer branding
– Your WFA implementation questions answered


Keep checking out the #jobs channel in Serial Marketers for more. Better yet, subscribe to get updates from our job listing board. Here are some great opportunities shared in these places or sent to me directly.

Director of Customer Success
NYC Area
“The problems you’ll solve:
* Ensuring that our client engagements are successful for our customers, their lawyers, and fund administrators
Learning how to take our existing processes, structure them, and find points of leverage
* Designing and implementing a review process that produces error-free deliverables
* Seeking customer feedback about how we can improve our product for our users
* Developing your team through training, mentoring, and leadership”

Sales Director roles
“Sales Directors will be responsible for generating and growing mobile ad revenue through consultative sales that lead to highly successful campaigns and ongoing programs. The ideal candidate will possess a curiosity to research consumer behaviors and have a passion to develop those data insights into client solutions. You will be a key player, working with an account team to drive our clients’ business growth.”

Customer Success Manager
Located in the Eastern time zone
“As our first CS hire, you’ll have a huge amount of autonomy and responsibility as to how our customers experience OnRamp. Aside from working side-by-side with some of the best Customer Success teams in the industry to provide a world-class experience, you’ll have a huge say in figuring out the early playbook. We’ll ask you to experiment and move quickly and help us determine which investments will have the highest impact for our customers.”

Chief Growth Officer
Chicago, IL
“Transparent, motivated, cross-functional growth leader, the future Chief Growth Officer has:
* 15+ years of experience leading marketing and sales organizations, overseeing budget and performance for omnichannel growth efforts
* High growth, complex / big ticket D2C eCommerce expertise; subscription D2C preferred. Brick and mortar retail nice to have
* Drive and own overall strategy for acquisition growth and performance marketing. Highly analytical with experience forecasting and reporting ROI. Proven experience being accountable for and driving results against KPIs (ideally CAC: LTV or ROAS)”

Director of Digital Acquisition
“A successful candidate for this role will have experience in acquisition marketing – ranging across search marketing, digital display advertising, and social media performance marketing. This role requires the ability to define our paid media growth strategy, deep-dive on cohort analysis, set customer-centric campaign goals, provide excellent project management skills, establish a deep and current knowledge of each platform’s unique offerings, maintain a keen eye for compelling and innovative creative concepts, and possess a passion for continuous improvement.”

Remote US
Via Tina Glickman in the community:
“Calling all MARKETERS who love the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY! Team Wisely is on the hunt for talented, wicked smart, creative marketers to add to our growing team! Current roles include a Marketing Coordinator,Sales Enablement Manager (or Sr. Manager), and a Video Content Creator (contractor with potential to transition to permanent hire).”

(St. Louis-based company in healthcare, insurance, and employment)
St. Louis or remote
Via Bob Bishop of Bishop Partners:
“Our Client is privately held, over 35 years old, 400+ employees and one of the most highly respected providers of the professional services they deliver, in the U.S. Perhaps the best part is that their services make a huge difference in people’s lives
UX & Accessibility Designer/Developer
Sr. Digital Marketing Copywriter
Paid Digital Media Buyer

Roles on the Content & Creators team
NY or LA
Via Jacob Shwirtz in the community:
“Two great openings on my team at Lightricks, called the “Content & Creators” team. Both are full-time, in-house, starting immediately, for people based in NY or LA. You’ll be our people on-the-ground working with our celebrity and other creator partners as well as on executing our large-scale activations and content marketing campaigns. Check it out, refer your friends and let’s get some folks their dream jobs!”
Content Marketing Manager & Partnerships Manager

Via Orli LeWinter in the community
“QRY is an advertising agency that specializes in launching and scaling consumer brands. Our mission is to “always be people first”, ensuring that we focus on our employees, clients, and customers. We believe in empowering smart people to come up with smart ideas. Come create the future of advertising with us.”
Paid Media Strategist
Paid Search Srategist

United States
“Reporting into the Director of Customer Marketing, this role will guide our customer engagement strategy, ideating, launching and managing campaigns to retain, engage, and grow Attentive customers. The ideal candidate is a customer-centric lifecycle marketer with a track record for delivering programs and touchpoints that drive top-notch customer experience, account growth, and brand affinity.”

Head of Marketing
Cambridge, MA (open to remote)
“Customer-focused and comfortable with managing a fast-growing team, the future Head of Marketing has:
* 5+ years of B2B Marketing leadership experience having successfully built and managed a fast-growing marketing team
* Strong Demand Generation experience utilizing proven tactics to generate sales pipeline through top-of-funnel marketing initiatives
* Proven startup experience, ideally having seen an organization scale from Series A to Series B and beyond
* Familiarity with customers similar to Proton, who are highly discerning and take a longer time to make buying decisions and can be reluctant to implement new technology”

Via Chris Gorges in the community
“The Manager / Associate, Digital Communications will help to translate Schmidt Futures’ mission, method, and strategy to digital media and to promote that message through key digital platforms. Ultimately, this work will help to convince high potential individuals to be part of our efforts to change the world and to tell the story of our programs to a diverse set of audiences.”

B2B Marketing Manager
Remote US
Via Vishal Sapra in the community
“The B2B Marketing Manager will be part of executing best-in-class digital marketing campaigns for CareerBuilder to support the company’s go-to-market strategy. You will be responsible for building and executing campaigns that generate interest, produce leads, drive engagement and demand to support CareerBuilder’s pipeline, bookings, and revenue goals.”

Marketing Lead
NY; remote
“Pivt is looking for a Marketing Manager to lead, develop, and execute the company’s marketing strategy. Being an early-stage startup, the Marketing Manager will be required to wear many hats performing strategic, managerial and tactical duties. This role will be the primary point of contact for all marketing related initiatives. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, creative, and willing to continually pursue new ideas to ensure the Pivt marketing effort is effective and intriguing.”

Paid Media Marketing Lead
Remote OK
“Social Studies is looking for a Paid Media Marketing Lead with ~8+ years of experience. Essentially this person has years of experience buying paid media and now wants to be more client facing and help us evangelize what business impacts are possible by pushing influence down the funnel towards performance.”

Engagement Manager (Customer Success)
Remote US
“DataGrail’s Engagement Manager will be responsible for onboarding new DataGrail customers and getting them to first value quickly and efficiently. You will be the main stakeholder on projects, responsible for the success of enterprise-level software deployments. In order to achieve this success, you will leverage your previous professional services experience, project management expertise, strong communication/written skills, relationship building prowess and conflict management skills.”

Remote US
“Whatnot is a livestream shopping and community marketplace where you can geek out with collectors and other like-minded people. Whatnot is backed by some of the industry’s best venture capital investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator.”
Senior Partnerships Manager (Emerging Categories),
Partnerships Manager (Sports Cards)

Vice President of Marketing
New York
* Proven track record developing and executing growth plan for enterprise adtech/martech business to achieve significant growth through effective use of lead generation and content marketing optimization
* Experience and proven metrics leading growth from $ single digits to $ double digits within a short timespan
* Has redesigned or created a successful lead/demand generation engine from scratch, in addition to having significant account-based marketing experience
* Confidence and ability to pitch CEO and Board Members as well as externally pitch to enterprise CMOs and engaged in industry thought leadership on behalf of the company

Head of Marketing
Dallas, TX
Collaborative, well-rounded, and a strong communicator, the future Head of Marketing has:
* Well rounded marketing experience – digital, performance, content, brand, communications
* Ability to lead the vision and execution of marketing strategies
* Ability and desire to build, scale, and managed a team of high performers
* Success in marketing function for high-growth DTC company in a heavily regulated industry
* A strong communicator, comfortable with ambiguity and collaborative nature of high-growth startup

Other job resources:

  • Advisable: Get instant access to top marketing freelancers
  • AMA Job Board: Listings from the American Marketing Association (maybe you can also ask them anything)
  • Beeler.Tech: Job listings for ad operations, programmatic account management, sales operations, and more.
  • Braintrust: A new freelance platform where you are the owner and where freelance talent keeps 100% of the bill rate.
  • Built in NYC: Jobs at a range of levels and functions, as long as you’re okay working in this quaint, backwater hamlet.
  • CareerList: Here’s a form for companies hiring and a form for job seekershere’s the public list with tabs for both
  • Content Writing Jobs: Content marketers, enjoy
  • Creative Women of Color: List yourself in the database and find talent, via Women Who Create
  • Demand Curve: Growth and marketing jobs
  • DiscoverTheTalent: An initiative designed to build partnerships with businesses to advocate, train, and hire military spouses
  • ExecThread: Senior roles spanning a range of verticals and cities; membership is free but fully vetted (this uses my referral ID to get you in faster)
  • Gently Ventures: Helps scale businesses by finding the right talent
  • GLG: Get paid to share your topical expertise; it can lead to some interesting conversations at a potentially decent hourly rate
  • Growth Collective: Apply to join this network of notable freelance marketers
  • Grace Blue Transitions: A portal for hirers and seekers with resources from this exec recruiting firm
  • The Hired Guns: An array of jobs in marketing and related fields at brands, agencies, and media companies
  • Hue: Amplifying voices of people in color working in marketing
  • Hunterz: A way for connectors to get paid to introduce startups to large enterprises
  • Lead5: A paid service for executive roles, plus intel on changes with companies and PE investments; you can try a risk-free weeklong trial to see if it’s any good for your needs
  • Lunch Club: Match 1:1 around predetermined goals with accomplished professionals (free)
  • NYC Ad Jobs & Networking: A popular Facebook group
  • One Club for Creativity: COVID-19 jobs Board
  • #OpenToWork: There’s a channel in Serial Marketers where you can share what you’re looking for
  • Pangea: Where you can hire college freelancers (and college students can get gigs)
  • Pocit: A platform connecting people of color with jobs in the tech industry
  • Questions to Ask for a Marketing Role: What questions should you ask when starting a new marketing role or job?
  • Remotists: Remote startup jobs, chronicled weekly
  • Sales Hustle Stack: Find platform-based gigs and other creative ways to earn some extra cash
  • Serial Marketers Job Board: Post regular and featured listings and subscribe for updates.
  • Startup.Jobs: There’s a section for marketing jobs
  • Teal Job Tracker: A free Chrome extension to manage and enhance your job search
  • TechNY Daily: While more technical, there are also some sales and marketing jobs at NY startups.
  • VC Job Boards: AlephEniac VenturesPearSequoiaUnion Square Ventures
  • VentureLoop: Free startup job listings; their paid option is $15/month and might surface more leads (but it might not).
  • Venwise: Submit your job interests here and get in front of their roster of hiring leads; select “Serial Marketers” under “How did you find us”
  • Wanted: Wanted helps top talent in tech and marketing find a job at your desired pay.

Do you run or enjoy other job listing sites? Let me know, and I’ll share them.


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