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  “Nice to see you,” he said. And that was pretty much it. It was 31 years since I last saw him. I’ll call him Sven. He was my bunkmate at Camp Scatico, up in Elizaville, NY, in the Hudson Highlands. I made a name for myself there, not for any feats that a kid […]
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  My name is David, and I’m a connectorholic. You might know that introducing people to each other is a hobby of mine, and even a pastime, but you might not realize that I find it addictive. I get a little too eager to introduce two people who can create that 1+1=3 magic together. Those […]
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  Thanks to our supporter, Bottom Line Having gone to two funerals over the past month, I’ve been forced to confront mortality more than usual lately, so now you’re coming along for the ride. Naturally, on the ride out to the second of the burials, I began to wonder, “Can I get a column out of […]
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As I publish issue 200, six years after starting this newsletter as the monthly-ish Serially Sporadic and four years after taking it weekly, it’s an apt time for time travel. The year was 2013. I had recently wrapped up a seven-year run with my corporate alma mater 360i when my alma mater Binghamton University reached out […]
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  The Product Hunt newsletter headline as I write this is “TikTok as a Search Engine.” The Hustle went with a similar theme this week – “Google’s got competish.” Adorbs. The crux: Alphabet is touting how TikTok and Instagram are popular search engines for younger consumers, and per the logic of American-style capitalism, this benefits Alphabet by […]
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  What did you do for the 4th of July weekend? I stayed home and wrote book reports. If that sounds like either a fabrication or a miserable way to spend a weekend, you don’t know me very well. I wrote 22 long-hand entries in my book report journal ranging from a couple of sentences […]
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  It feels like summer now, but the equinox doesn’t care when Memorial Day is, so we can go by the calendar year. That makes it a good time to share a couple of ideas I’ve had lately about spring cleaning, and I’d love to hear about your experiences. Pocket Zero I’ve read a lot about […]
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  I thought I was done joining any Zoom calls after normal business hours. But I made an exception for one, namely because it featured a marketer who I wanted to learn more about: my namesake. Yes, this David Berkowitz (not that David Berkowitz) was on a Zoom call that featured David Berkowitz (not that David […]
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  I was talking to a clown the other day, and there’s one thing you need to do when talking to a clown: Take good notes. Within five seconds of her talking about the art of clown — and it is an art form — my gears were turning. The clown, Lindsay, asked me, “You […]
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